December 2, 2015Blog

The Homeless and Their Pets: Mutual Dependence for Survival by Michelle D. Land

michael-wayne-and-gonzo_nyc_101515Michael, Wayne and Gonzo, New York City. Photo: Michelle D. Land

When Wayne and his dog, Gonzo, sleep at night, Gonzo is both alarm and shield. “If someone is trying to wake me up, Gonzo doesn’t bark, he just lays across me. Same thing if it is raining or there is something going on that I should know about.”

Throughout most of my twenty-minute conversation with Wayne, Gonzo, a brindle pit bull, lay on his blanket curled up, oblivious to my presence. But there was a palpable feeling of interdependence between the two, as there usually is between the homeless and their companion animals.  Read full blog…