July 11, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Baby Boy

Pets of the Homeless received a call from a veterinarian in Berkeley, CA about a male Chihuahua mix, Baby Boy, who had been attacked by another dog. The doctor was afraid that Baby Boy’s leg might be broken. We interviewed the homeless man, who is living on the streets, and is participating in an outpatient substance abuse program. The man was assaulted and Baby Boy got away and ran intro a yard where he was attacked by another dog.  The man has been homeless for about 6 years. The man is disabled, and receives SSI and food stamps.

The doctor recommended bandaging the leg and sending medications.   The doctor said there was a chance of amputation as there was lots of dead tissue. The wound would require wound care, antibiotics, and a bandage change every 48 hrs. Since they were a emergency hospital, fees are much higher and they referred Baby Boy to the East Bay SPCA in Oakland. We assisted with $327.00 for treatment and the bill was discounted by $300.00.

The following day, we heard from the East Bay SPCA. The leg would require amputation and the tissue damage was severe, and with the homeless situation the man was in, it would be impossible to do bandage changes every 48 hours, and chances were it would continue to become more infected. We approved amputation surgery. We assisted with an additional $819.25 which included: bloodwork, sedation, antibiotic and pain medications, a neuter, microchip and identification tattoo (no charge).  The man was very committed to his pet Baby Boy.  After amputations, dogs usually bounce back so quickly; it’s simply remarkable!