October 17, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Pretty Girl

(Photo is an example of an Oakland, CA homeless encampment)

Feeding Pets of the Homeless® received a voicemail from a very distraught woman, who is homeless in an encampment in Oakland, CA. In the voicemail which was left at the 10 o’clock p.m. hour the previous evening, she was explaining how her dog, Pretty Girl was cut by another homeless person and she was bleeding excessively.
Our Case Manager called her back immediately in the morning. The woman was breathing very hard, and our case manager asked her to take a deep breath to explain the situation. She said that Pretty Girl, a two-year-old unaltered female German Shepherd had been attacked by a person with a machete and that she had multiple cuts on her face, including her eye.
She did confirm she was able to stop the bleeding. We verified her homelessness and approved an examination at a participating network veterinarian in Oakland, CA who could get her in right away.
After the examination, the veterinarian called us and recommended anesthesia and surgery to complete the necessary wound care.
The estimate was in the range of $787 – $1,052.  The veterinarian completed an examination, chem 10 blood panel, skull x-ray, hospitalization, surgery, peripheral iv catheterization, fluids, pain injections, anesthesia, operating room, surgical packs, antibiotic injections and medications, sutures and a drain. We contributed $800.59 and the veterinarian discounted the bill $1,247.44!
Due to limited time in the initial call on this case, we didn’t ask specifics only if a police report had been made, and it was. We asked the veterinary technician if they had any additional information on the specifics of the incident. We were told that a dog fight between two dogs in the encampment began and the owners could not separate the dogs. The other owner hit Pretty Girl with a machete several times to break them up.
Pretty Girl received multiple sutures and a drain. She did well throughout the surgery. We requested a photo but unfortunately did not receive one. The woman was extremely grateful for our assistance.