February 19, 2020Success Stories

Success Story – Angel

A woman and her emotional support dog, Angel, have been living on the streets of Vineland, New Jersey for two months. She had Angel for the last year and a half and states she looks and sounds like a cow. Angel has some separation anxiety because she had four different owners before the two found each other.  In New Jersey the weather hit record breaking cold, wind chill, and snow. The news was calling it an “Arctic Blast” that would last for several days. Angel is 2 years old, extremely energetic and vocal which posed difficulty when trying to find shelter for the storm.

Luckily, the two found an amazing volunteer at a “Code Blue Warming Center” to assist during the storm. When a code blue is called the homeless have access to shelters and drop-in centers.  During storms like the one that hit the east coast the network admits as many people as possible.  The woman was able to get a spot with Angel, but her activity level and vocalization was problematic for other residents. A volunteer at the shelter pulled resources together and found a local boarding facility that often works with domestic violence victims and their pets.  The facility agreed to take in Angel during the cold snap, but Angel needed to be vaccinated before she could be admitted. That is when the volunteer called Pets of the Homeless™ and connected us with the animal hospital who agreed to provide the required vaccinations at a discounted price of $96.29.   In less than two hours, Angel had received her vaccinations.  It was a win all around. Angel is safe and warm. Her owner could stay in the shelter knowing Angel is being cared for and Pets of the Homeless™ gained a new veterinary partner. We are grateful for nonprofit volunteers and amazing programs like Code Blue that assist our vulnerable populations and their pets.