February 27, 2020Success Stories

Success Story – Clover

A Buena Park, CA woman who has been living in her car for the past four years, called Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ because her 3-year-old female Chihuahua, Clover, had been attacked by a coyote on a walk two weeks prior.  Clover had received surgery for three broken ribs, a torn muscle, and a punctured lung and was supposed to return to the vet a few days after to have the drain tubes and stitches removed. The woman, unfortunately, waited too long and the emergency veterinarian she went to wanted to charge her for this service.  We verified her homeless status with the OC Health Care Agency and approved an examination at the Pets of the Homeless™ participating network veterinarian.

After the exam, the vet called our Case Manager and recommended antibiotics, drain removal, suture removal, one x-ray, an anal gland expression, and trim to her toenails.  We approved this treatment and contributed $174.48 towards Clover’s care.  The vet offered $49.84 in discounts.