March 24, 2020Success Stories

Success Story – Gemini

A man and his dog, Gemini, have been living on the streets of Spokane, WA for about three years. He brought Gemini into a veterinary wellness clinic after he was hit by a car.  Within 20 minutes of the accident our volunteers in our network in Spokane had him on the phone with Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ seeking treatment. The man states that Gemini was limping, and he had blood coming out of his mouth. The veterinarian said that she didn’t believe Gemini had any fractures, but his gums were pale and a chest x-ray was recommended. Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ approved an exam at our partner veterinarian in the area.  The veterinarian at the wellness clinic paid for an Uber to get him and his injured dog to the vet because there was no way Gemini could make it on his own.  Our veterinary partner was able to see Gemini immediately.

They examined Gemini and completed a blood panel, x-rays, and pain injections. They found Gemini had multiple contusions and bleeding in his lungs, and was held for observation for a few days to manage his pain and he is okay!  Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ contributed $501.68 in veterinary care for Gemini.

Gemini’s owner has been trying to get off the streets. He is unable to get a job without an ID. It is extremely difficult to get an ID when you don’t have an address, but he found an organization to assist him. He hopes to return to work once his ID arrives. His goal is to get a new place to live in 2020.