April 17, 2020Success Stories

Success Stories: Buggy

Buggy’s companion is disabled and homeless and has been living in his car for a year and a half in Utah. He called Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ concerned about Buggy, his four-year-old spayed female Beagle mix who was sneezing blood. We verified his homelessness with an advocate at a local food bank and approved an examination at a local participating network veterinarian.

After the exam, it was determined that Buggy had a piece of grass in her nostril.  The veterinarian gently pulled it out and we approved antibiotic and steroid injections.  We assisted with $210.20 and also had Buggy’s vaccinations updated. We can continue these success stories because of your generosity. Consider donating today! Pets like Buggy need our help so they can stay with their loving companions.