May 15, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Autumn

A homeless woman in Victorville, CA has been staying in a motel for the past month with her four children, two dogs, and two cats.  She has been homeless for four months and receives SNAP benefits.  We verified her homelessness with the county. She called Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ in November 2019 after learning about us from another homeless woman.  Her dog Autumn, a 10-year old spayed female Pitbull, may have possibly had a foxtail in her foot.  She was chewing at her foot endlessly.  We approved an examination at a partner veterinary hospital.

After the exam, the veterinarian called to advise our Case Manager that Autumn had an overgrown mass larger than a golf ball on her hind leg and multiple issues going on in her foot and her leg would need amputation.  The estimate was $1,705 on the low end and $1,802 on the high end.  We pledged to help with $800 and gave Paula resources to try to obtain additional funding.

The woman called us again in mid-December and said that she could not obtain additional funding.  She said that Autumn’s foot and leg were becoming much worse and she may have to euthanize and wondered if we could help.  We approved this service.

We heard from the veterinarian a few days later that they would graciously perform the surgery for $800 and cover the rest.  We verified our pledge amount.  The amputation surgery was performed in January and we assisted with $800 which included office visit and examination, CBC & comprehensive health panel, an amputation surgery of limb, anesthesia, antibiotic injection, pain injection and post-operative care and medications to go home.