May 28, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Jewel, Bud & Puppy

Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ received a call from a homeless woman in Tucson, AZ. She lives in a tent in the desert and has been homeless for the past year. She receives SSI, food stamps and she goes to food banks in the area. However, due to the CDC’s COVID-19 recommendations, she was unable to get in touch with anyone who could verify her as a client. We had her send photos of her camp to verify her homelessness after she called. Her three puppies were sick, and one was showing parvo symptoms: lethargic, diarrhea, and not eating. All three were having diarrhea. They were rescued dogs and didn’t know they were sick. Due to the pandemic, it was difficult getting this type of emergency case seen at the veterinarians in the area. We finally found a veterinary partner that graciously agreed to see the puppies to do testing for parvovirus.
The veterinarian said that all three puppies were extremely positive, and they were only 4 months old. The veterinarian talked to the owner of the pups and explained to her that treatment for all three would be thousands of dollars. She agreed to relinquish two of the puppies and keep the one who was least ill.
The vet told us that The Animal League of Green Valley would help with the vet bills, too. We assisted with $505 and the TALGV assisted with $485.00 for six days of hospitalization and treatment. The Animal League was also going to assist with getting the puppy spayed. The puppy, Jewel, was doing better and eating after treatment. Jewel went home with her companion after her treatment and hospitalization.