May 28, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Maggie & Buster

A 10-month-old black lab pit mix, Maggie, and 3-year-old chihuahua terrier mix, Buster, have been homeless with their companion for about five years. Their companion is disabled, and they have all been living in a tarp structure off the train tracks. Both dogs needed attention. Maggie had been coughing for days, she had been drastically losing weight and had yellow pus coming out of her vagina. Buster had been walking stiff, yelping in pain and crying out when he would get up or sit down. Their companion was worried Buster had been attacked by another dog recently.
Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ approved exams for both pets at a partner veterinarian hospital. Maggie was seen and had bloodwork done where she was then treated for an infection, which included receiving subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics. Buster was seen for a slipped disc and was given pain injections and medications. Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ provided $346.48 towards the care of both pets and received $77.23 in discounted services.