June 23, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Allie

A woman in Nevada lost her job due to the COVID-19 crisis at the end of February.
In mid-March she lost her home; she had been living with her son. When he lost his job, she could no longer stay.
She now lives in her RV in the Nevada desert and stops by a campsite to use the showers and get water for her RV. She called Feeding Pets of the Homeless® when her 11-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Allie, developed mammary gland tumors. Feeding Pets of the Homeless® contacted a partner veterinary hospital in her area and approved an exam for Allie. The veterinarian completed the removal of a chain of mammary tumors and spayed Allie. The procedures involved anesthesia, injections, catheter, IV fluids, x-rays, medications, and an e-collar. Feeding Pets of the Homeless® provided $572.53 towards Allie’s care and received $53.62 in discounted services.