June 23, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Jake

Jake, a 6-year-old shepherd pitbull mix, and his female human companion live out of their van in Crosby, TN. They stay in big box store parking lots or campgrounds. They have spent the last three years homeless and receive food stamps. They also hold a sign on the streets asking for spare change. Jake’s companion believes he was attacked by another dog because he was limping and avoiding putting any weight on his front left leg.

Concerned for him, she called Feeding Pets of the Homeless® for help. Unfortunately, Feeding Pets of the Homeless® did not have any established veterinary partners near Jake. So, we called veterinarians in the area until we found one that had the services, attitude and desire to help pets of the homeless. Fortunately, we found a veterinarian with the same passion to help pets as us and established them as a Feeding Pets of the Homeless® partner. Jake was set up for an examination. He was given an exam, x-rays, minor surgical wound repair, and medications. Feeding Pets of the Homeless® provided $260.00 towards Jake’s care.

A month after Jake’s treatment we got an update: His companion shared that Jake is completely healed and they are both doing well. She had a job for a little bit, but it was difficult to keep with things going on in her life as well as the COVID-19 crisis. She says they are happy and moving forward.