September 4, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Blue

A woman has been homeless living in her car for two months in Cartersville, GA.  She receives food stamps and makes money doing odd jobs.  She learned about Feeding Pets of the Homeless® on the internet and called us when her dog, Blue, a four-month old black Chihuahua Jack Russell Terrier mix was lethargic, not drinking or eating, was vomiting, had blood and worms in his stool, and was feeling hot all over his body.  We verified she was homeless when she sent us multiple photos of her living situation.  We approved an examination at a partner veterinary hospital.

After the exam, the veterinarian recommended a parvo test which we approved.  Blue unfortunately tested positive.  We approved treatment which included: a fecal test, intestinal parasite elimination, hospitalization, inpatient monitoring, catheterization and iv fluids, cerenia and convenia injections, potassium chloride injection, and additional medications.  We also assisted with a special diet as well as a bath.  We contributed $1,000 towards treatment.  His owner contributed $360.00 and we received $213.32 in discounts.  When we are lucky enough to get an update from our furry friend’s owners after their treatment we will gladly share. Thank you for helping companion animals like Blue!