September 11, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Mia

A homeless woman called Feeding Pets of the Homeless® about her cat, Mia, who she thinks might have gotten in a cat fight the previous evening. Mia, is a 10-month old Calico.  Mia was shaking and wouldn’t let the woman hold her at all which was unusual.  Mia’s mom is homeless and is living in an RV staying at various store parking lots.  She has been homeless for two years and is not receiving any aid. She sent us photos of her RV to verify her homelessness.  We approved an examination at a participating network veterinarian.
After the exam, the veterinarian recommended antibiotic injections, sub-q fluids, flea prevention and vaccinations. We assisted with $390.11 and the hospital offered $68.84 in discounts.
We were so happy to receive an email from Mia’s mom: “THANK YOU!!! I am soooooo incredibly grateful for your service…people and places like this make living in this world a lot better. Sending love and light!”