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Homeless shelters that allow pets

Posted: 5/23/2011 by Genevieve Frederick


IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF A SHELTER THAT ALLOWS OR PROVIDES FOR PETS, please visit the three websites below. 


1.) Sheltering Animals and Families Together

2.) Safe Havens Directory

3.) Pets of the Homeless

ALSO, Homeless Veterans -Contact VA’s National Call Center for Homeless Veterans at 1-877-4AID-VET. You will reach a trained VA responder who can connect you with the resources VA offers.

Most homeless shelters do not allow pets.  When Pets of the Homeless hears of one we are pleased beyond words!  This is one way to give homeless the services that they need to get out of homelessness with their companions.

Responses to Homeless shelters that allow pets

Dear Linda P.- Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your cat: AND/OR


Dear Caitie- Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your cat: AND/OR


I am 27 years old I have no option to go back with family right now. I am clean and an ex addict. I am looking for a shelter soon but I CANNOT be away from my kitty Louie. My husband died almost two years ago and I know I need Louie he's helping me stay sane when my world feels like it's going to shit. Does anyone kno a shelter for me and my little kitty boy?? He's cat friendly and human friendly not a bad bone in his body!!!! 😢this needs to be ASAP before the first of September 2015!!! Please help me someone out here please!!!!!


Dear Yvoria- Please visit this website for help.


Dear Yvoria- Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your cat: AND/OR


Hi my name is Yvoria I am a victim of domestic abuse of six long years and I finally put him in jail last night but he also is the one that paid the bills and he got us evicted on the way to jail he destroyed our home while attacking me and I have no where to go with my cat Scotty he is neutered and I can't leave him abandoned and I don't want to live without him he is all I have left I have no one else that cares but my cat and my cat loves me and it would break my heart and his if I left I can't take anymore heart break.


Dear Sue- Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet family: AND/OR


I've become homeless with my 4 cats that have been with me since birth they are all fixed is there a place in Tennessee or closer for us to be safe in

sue p

Dear Dan, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet family: AND/OR


Dear Alisha, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet family: AND/OR


im a 45 yr old man who is jobless, penniless, with no car in the south east L.A. area. completely disowned by what little family we had left, so now im going to be homeless very soon. not asking help for myself. i have a very kind and loving 6 year old male cat that doesnt deserve to suffer for me and my horrible family drama. the biggest problem is that hes very nervous and terrified of strangers because he was born and raised in an extremely quiet and peaceful home with me and my elderly mother who has just passed away. so, having minimal contact with other people means that bringing him out in street with me isnt going to be an option. the other problem is that he is also NOT exclusively an in-door cat. hes always been able to come and go as he please. his well-being is more important to me than my own life. hes the only reason i have scratched prison and suicide off my list of potential options for me. hes all that i have left in this world and i will NOT abandon him at a kill shelter. please, i can barely keep myself fed on a daily basis, im deathly afraid that i wont be able to provide for both of us. i personally have no problem living in the street as long as hes in a good and safe place where he can be fed, happy, and as comfortable as he deserves. he needs help desperately.


Greetings i was picked by street team last month and dumped in NSNO Broadway Shephards bush. I stayed there for 3weeks with my well behaved dog, whom i came with and astill homeless with, i was told that all NSNO shepahrds Bush could do was send me back to a hostel i lived in 2007, Livingstone House which is no pets, they fed me with sandwiches and a overheated floor. I am still sleeping rough and have no where to go this is Bullshit now, i am becoming weak out here. I need a place just like other homeless people in london, please help me


Dear Johnny, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet family: AND/OR


Dear Barbara, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your dogs: AND/OR


Dear Michael, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet family: AND/OR


I nerd help. I have to little small dogs that's in my life...I'm homeless and need some where to stay a couple of months. Im on the wating list, for section 8. And on the low income...Im in need for a spot so that I can get my son back. And me being mentally & disabled. I'm going to tharopy every week.

johnny hardwick

I live in Nebraska i am in a domestic violence relationship and don't have family to take my pets nor would I leave my 3 dogs. What can I do since there is no place. I have an rv i can take off in but where would I go, please help


I need help for myself, and mother dog and her two pups,, small dogs ( shituz). Please help me in ft Lauderdale fl

Michael Stubbs

Dear Tonya, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter your dog: AND/OR


my and my dog will be homeless.and i cant give him up he,s my family where in yardley pa can someone please help us


Pets remain with veterans even they are homeless.


Dear Freddy, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter your dog: AND/OR


im currently receiving ssiand ssd.i have two kids and a wife and two cats.we r about to be homeless.we moved out here from fl to help my wife grandfather,and he really did us wrong.we r in hemet ca,we dont no nobody im really starting to get scared,can any one help call me with any helpful info.3052055781

freddy thompson

Dear Lino, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter your dog: AND/OR


My name is lino munoz me my girlfriend and are pet are going to be homeless need somewhere to go til I get back on my feet call me at 2392654391 or 3053185407 im from miami fl need of friendly pets welcome and couple shelter thanks

lino munoz

Dear Christal, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your dog: AND/OR


is there any pet friendly shelter in worcester cause i have a xat with me and im trying to find a pet friendly shelter for me and my cat to be in together


Dear Nathan, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your dog: AND/OR


Im looking for a temporary place to get on my feet for me an my 5 year old best friend dog Bear. I moved from pittsburgh to tampa to live with my girlfriend and didnt work out, so Im on my own looking for a job about to be homeless. All I need is a chance and alil help. Theres alot more to the story that I can write. Please contact me, it would be greatly appreciated thank you. Sincerely Nathan


Dear Makita- Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


Please help me. I have an 8 month old puppy and as of this Friday we will be homeless. I cannot give her up, she is my baby and is trained to help with mine and my boyfriend's anxiety and depression. We are in Greenwood Indiana and have nowhere to go


Dear Carol-Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


My husband and I will be homeless this coming Sunday, we have one cat,and iam handicap, all the places we tried to get housing have atleast a two-year waiting list, iam waiting on a disability hearing they told me it could take up to 6 months, my husband works but doesn't make enough money to support us both and he has bad c.o.p.d.,I only get $300 a month cash assistance, does anyone know of any kind of shelter that is in Worcester area that we could go to, thank you ! Carol

carol tarallo

Question on if my wife and myself, along with 2 small dogs, are allowed to be in a shelter?

Nemil Chabebe

Dear Aldonia, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


I do not have a pet. I have four children. Three are under 18yrs. My oldest daughter has a degree in computer information sysrems and marketing. She has a 2 yr old and a 3 month year old. I am recently divorced fro an abusive husband. Ee have limited income and my daughter has been with her only boyfriend and fiance for 6 years. We are family but ee are having a hard time. We will be homeless come March 2015. I have always felt Colorado Springs has been the place for our fresh start. My father passed away almost 3years ago. H e was a renowned musician. That place was the only place I gave known peace & happiness. My mother was abusive and my father became a drug addict for a spell. I was in 13 faster homes. I only want a fresh start. I will work for my family to my best ability. Colorado Springs feels like home. I want us to relocate. I know one gas to crawl before walking. I have prayed for this moment. Please help.


Dear Lori, Andrea and Sandra, Pets of the Homeless helps with pet food and emergency veterinary care for the homeless. Unfortunately we are not a shelter and do not help with foster care. You can visit our website for resources to help find a shelter that allows pets and/or provides for pets. Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your cat: AND/OR, please try our resource page:


In two weeks, I am going to be thrown out of the home I have lived in for almost 47 years. I have no money, no car and need shelter for myself and my 5 1/2 year-old (Golden Retriever) daughter.Does anyone know of any shelter in Michigan that allows pets (there weren't any on your list)?


My boyfriend and i are being kicked out by my mother, she starting the eviction process. we dont know where to go, he is a veteran and we have a 45-50 pound mutt and a 10 pound yorky. Please help its one thing for him and me to live in our car its another for the doggie to there to. please help


I am 46 yrs old, Scruffy is my 10 yr old K9-Baby. I am disabled with Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, Degenerative Disk disease, ulcers & other debilitating illnesses. I am completely unable to work & am on State disability, awaiting Federal approval. I can no longer stay where I am, it is unstable in so many ways. I do not feel secure or even safe here, I will never give up my Scruffy. I adopted him when he was 10 weeks old, he is my best friend in the whole world & my child in every way, where I go he goes or I don't go. I really need to get out, can someone tell me a safe place I & my 4 legged boy can go. It would only be temporary, until my Fed. Dis. case is over & it is in it's finals stages now. I only get about 300 dollars a month from State disability so I can't afford an apartment anywhere in NY. Please help, thank you all & be always Blessed.

Lori & Scruffy

Dear Anon, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your cat: AND/OR


Dear Toni, Please visit the two links below to help the gentleman find shelter for himself and his two cats: AND/OR


I am in Torrance, Ca, and met a homeless man that has 2 cats in one carrier and needs to find a place where he can stay, or at least let his kitties out for a few hours a day to roam and go to the bathroom. Currently, the local church is allowing him to use their back area when it is convenient for them, but this is no way for them to live. Any help would be appreciated. I'm willing to drive him wherever he needs to be.

Toni Musulin

Lost my job. No car. Just my cat and I. I'm still behind in my rent for December and I'm not sure what to do. I'm looking for work but even if I'm hired somewhere today I'm still at risk at being evicted. I have no support system whatsoever. If I'm homeless with my cat that's it. How pathetic I am. I tried. Lord knows I tried.


Dear Patricia, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your cat: AND/OR


I am in Massachusetts but willing to try and get ANYWHERE that will allow me to keep my cat...she is my only light in this world...anyone that can help...I would be so appreciative...I have an excellent resume and normally find work quickly, but I rented a room and now need to leave it in a week! if you can and GOD BLESS


Dear Sony, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


I was desperate with my situation and made a wish ang googled "Shelter for homless families n their pets". It led me to your page. Thank You Lord for this Orginization. Im homeless I had to move n no one would accept me with Two dogs, then the week after i get laid off. What am I gonna do I have a 15 yr old. I put stuff n storage n stood in my car. I asked my oldest to keep her sister with her at her house. No pets allowed at her place so ive been staying in my car with them, i cant go to apply or interview cuz if i leave them in the car i could go to jail' I need my lil faMILYtogether this is a crucial years for my teen. She really likes it there no rules shes there half the time alone (not good). All I need is shelter so i can shower and go out and get a job. And get us a place of our own. People say to put them up for adoptionThink about you n your daughter, but i cant they're part of our family please can u give me some resources in Los Angeles. Thank you So


Dear Frank, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


im in pomona ca.Iwill not give up my friends or put them someplace where i cant be with them...please help

frank d mrtinez

Dear Justine, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


i am 59 disabled woman have a small hansome chocolate mini dashound i need help for me and him rather in cleceland or lorain ohio can any body help us

Justine Young

Thank god for helping the homeless who want to keep their pets

sandra backus

Dear Janie: Please visit the three links to help you find shelter for you and your dog: AND/OR AND/OR


Is there any shelter near the bay area or sacramento that allows a pit lab mix to live with me? Thank you

Janie Harrison

Dear Erica, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


My husband and live in north new jersey. We have 3 Pitt that is 2yrs a mini pintcher 3yrs and a 7month Pitt that we rescued after she was hit by a taxi. The rescue turned on our stove and burned the house while were out. We are currently staying with my mother and she can't have dogs here. My husband and i would be devastated if we have to lose the dogs we have had since puppies while we wait for placement in a suitable house for us all. I was wondering if someone knew of a shelter to place our babies temporarily? We would happily stay in a shelter with the dogs if a place like that exists in nj. Any and all help would be appreciated.Thank you

erica courchaine

Dear Nicola, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet: AND?OR


Hi, my name is Nicola and I live in central Texas. I lost my job a few months back because i missed several days due to illness caused by a severe mold problem in my apartment. I am going to be homeless within two weeks. I have absolutely no criminal history and my income from unemployment is just under 500


I began to read this website thinking we could find help,instead I saw opportunities to possibly be of some help to someone else. We have pets too. We need to relocate eventually to Washington. Long story. Currently we live up north in Calif. Maybe someone would like to email us if you think we could be a part of the solution please go ahead and email to couldn't read every single comment today,maybe another time. Not sure how to respond to certain people here that made comments but I do pray everyone finds an answer.there didn't look like there was a way to comment directly so, the girl that is a prostitute with dog,there are ways and places to start over. Sincerely, wwjd


Dear Lauren, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family:


Dear Susan, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family:


Dear Alma, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your cat:


My fiance, son, and I will be losing our home soon. We are a young couple and are slowly getting our lives together. We are struggling financially.We live on Long Island, NY. We have an 8 month old puppy who my son has grown VERY attached to. Please please please if you have any information of shelters for all of us or any useful knowledge would be highly appreciated!!


I am in a bad situation, as well. I cannot find a job in the city I currently reside. My husband is disabled and we anxiously waiting for Social Security to approve him, in which, he has been denied before. We ave decided to give the nearest city a try (Bakersfield, CA). I know that I can find a job fairly quickly. We also have a 12 year old daughter (not happy with the situation). I have 5 year old Chihuahua, just like our child, we aren't going to leave him behind. He is all fixed and have shots. I do not know what to do in our situation. My daughter and I can go to the shelter (I am not fond of shelters) and my husband/dog will sleep in the suv with a window broken out of it.


I'm in need of a temporary shelter for my cat. She's 7 yrs old. And a indoor cat...I will be going to a shelter. But not until I find a place for my cat..I will pick her up. After I find my own place. Can anyone help me. I live in Los Angeles, California. Thank u God bless..

alma Ibarra,

Dear Tiki: Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your dog: organization provides pet food and emergency veterinary care for pets owned by the homeless. You can call us directly for more information 775-841-7463.


homeless in columbus, ohio off n. high st. need shelter that will not separate me from my lil dog. also in need of a temporary dog sitter today, so i can go to the er n receive emergency medical attention. they will not allow me inside with him. i never leave him. but hes so sweet, quiet, n knows!!!


Dear Dana-Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family:


Does anyone know of shelters in New Jersey that will allow dogs?More specifically, I'm looking for somewhere to go with my three year old son, and our pit.


Dear Peggy, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet:


Due to repairs needed in the home I was renting in LaHabra Ca I am having to move. I am handicapped & on SSI so my income is not even a $1,000 a month I hav a small dog he is my best friend. Im finding it next to impossible to find any type of housing. I heard of an organization that hekps non,elderly disabled lowincome people. Only to be told I dont qualify because I don't meet the yearly income minimum. I have tried renting a room only to find my belongings gone thru things taken but what hurt me the most was how they treated my best friend my,dog when they thought I had left. I have removed that from my options. My SSI gets me 2 weeks & 3 days if no holidays or special events are,happening to cause room rates to increase. The rest of the.month its parks,empty houses or garages till the 3rd of the month. I just turned 52 on,the 26th of May I can't get rid of my 1 & only true friend. Can u direct me to someone that could help me. PLEASE

Peggy Smith

Dear Britt, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet:


Dear Anna, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your dog:


Hello. Well I recently turned 18. I don't have a stable home and will be homeless soon. I have the option of going to a transitional living program, problem is I have a Chihuahua. She is more than just a "dog" to me. She is my furry child, walking on four legs. I can't even stand the thought of having to be without her, much less abandoning her. I do not have a job and suffer from severe depression but she makes my days worthwhile. If anyone knows about a place or a program which is pet friendly please post. I'd be eternally grateful.


I live in iowa and i have a lab/boxer mix and i have no money and no where to go and im still in school. does anyone know of any places that i could go until im back on my feet?


Dear Kathie, Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family:


Were homeless with our 4 cats that were not surrendering their here for us and it will be wrong to abandon them to this trouble system. We love them and need help please tell me where I can get help for my family and I. I live here in Lancaster California.

kizzy and Kathie

Dear Ursula, Please have your friend visit the two links below to help him find shelter for himself and his beloved cat: AND/OR


I have a very good friend who will be homeless on May 1. He has no money for an apartment all he has is his cat, his mom passed away he has no one but his cat. I am scared for him, he lives in Bronx, NY no one will help him. Please can anyone tell me if there is somewhere he and his cat can go in the Bronx area?


Dear Debra: Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your dog: AND/OR I wish you the best of luck.


Im gonna be homeless wih my dog and im not surrounding her to nobody I love her to much and she as been there for me please help in st charles Missouri please desperately need help


Dear Jason: Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you, your dog and cat: AND/OR I wish you the best of luck.


I am praying that someone out there will be willing to give me some information on where my small dog, cat and self can go for shelter very soon. I am on an extremely small income (SSDI) which is taken up mostly by all my medical bills and medications. I am about to lose the place my pets and I are living in because my family that has been helping me can't any more and I will starve and die myself before I give up or have my dog and cat go with out. I have had them well before I became disabled and started to be punished by the government for not making enough money. I guess what I'm getting at is does anyone know of a place in MA where I will be welcome with my dog and cat because giving them up IS NOT AN OPTION. If if comes down to it I will live in my suburban and make them a small house out of my blankets so they Cana be warm through the winter and the hell with me I will deal with the cold the best I can.I am so sick and tired of Obama and this horrible government rewarding the rich and the dirty illegals and punishing the poor especially the disabled who can't help there situation. I am truly sorry if I am coming off as sounding extremely angry and rude but I am so sick and tired of being looked at like a bad person because I am disabled yet if people looked at my past they would see I am extremely educated and a 4.0gpa valedictorian but for some reasons that has no Merritt in this society


Dear Susan: I am very sorry for your current situation. Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR We also have a resource page: I wish you and your family the best of luck.


Hi My name is susan. I have 2 kids and a small ship mix dog. We are about to be homeless. We just relocated from Vegas for work. The restaurant had wanted a Skype interview with my bf, but instead wanted a face to face. After we packed up the family, we came and he went to his interview here in Portland,Or. After that, they did not give him the job. We were heartbroken. It's been a month since we've been hopping around hotels, and applying for work like crazy. My kids aren't even in school because of unstable locations. Now with no more money to spare, only enough to put gas in, we are about to become homeless as of 3/16/2014. Please help us. I am so depressed and stressed out. With the weather being 35 degrees or less this week, we can not take a chance in sleeping in the car. Do to our safety. I'm so stressed.Thank you.What can we do or stay? We do have a pet.


Dear Adria: Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet family: AND/OR


I need a shelter for me and my cat

adria Martinez

Dear Lindi: please have your friend contact: Amercian Red Cross, Imago Dei Community Church Portland, Oregon 503-231-5096. Thank you-


I have a male friend that just became homeless and has a lab that is old and feable. Can you tell me if there are ANY shelters that he and his dog could go to around the Portland Oregon area? Thank you


Dear Debi- thank you for your post. Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet family: AND/OR


Your site is so warm and welcoming thank you for that. yourI am a disabled funny laidie who after a series of unbelievable and very sad events.. Am living out of my vehicle while thank goodness sleeping in a recliner at night with my two happy, crazy, and loving shih tzu with his best buddie limo/wa dogs. Marysville, Oh. After 10 and 11 years respectively I can't leave them and have a sound mind. Any direction you could offer would be so appreciated. Just seeing here that I'm not alone has lightened my heart.. Again thank you.


Dear Deborah, I am very sorry for your current situation. Please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pet family: AND/OR


Hello, My name is Deborah, I live in New Mexico and am in desperate need of a place for my 2 beloved dogs and I to stay. (Also have a darling female Red Factor canary. She does need stability, a forever secure home where she will be very loved and well cared for.) My heart will break if I must let her go, but I will, only to the perfect home for her. I am beside myself with worry as my 2 girls are big dogs, a dober and shepherd. They are very gentle natured, mellow and quite obedient. They grew up around small children and I once fostered kittens and puppies. (They helped.) Such sweet girls but unfortunately, they are often seen as "big mean watch dogs." I will not abandon them and I cannot imagine life without them. They ARE my life. They are my reason to go on and hold onto hope. They are my joy! And they need me as much as I need them. (VERY close bond.) My income is small (SSDI) so I cannot afford to pay rent. Our circumstances are urgent, we are not safe where we are and must leave soon. I would relocate anywhere but my car broke down shortly after we were evicted from my ex-husband's home. Things are looking hopeless. I am so worried and afraid. Can you offer any suggestions or help for us? Thanks so much.

Deborah Frazier

Dear Joanne- please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


I live in Everett, MA and my family is gonna be homeless in 3 days. I have 4 cats that I have had since they were all babies. We are all very attached to them as they are to us.I don't want to give them away. I am really stressing out, my wife says to board them but its so expensive. What can I do????

Joanne Rodriguez

Dear Heidi- please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your family: AND/OR


My husband & I have been homeless with our shepherd, our pug & our cat since last winter. It's getting cold again & we have saved a little money but not enough for an apartment. We have even had to choose keeping our shepherd over keeping a roof. Most people won't rent to us because of her size not because of her. Please tell me if you know of any shelter or resources in CT that could help. Thank you.


Dear Joann- please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pets: AND/OR


live in vegas no money trying to get to riverside shelter with 2 dogsgoing down loosing faith how can I get help to try to get in to the shelter I am not leaving my dogs they are there for me


Dear Karina- please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pets: AND/OR


Dear Christina- please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pets: AND/OR


Dear Daria- please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pets: AND/OR


I am about to become homeless.I've had my dog for 5 years.I live in the Detroit area and Im not going to surrender her.I was wondering if you could tell me where a homeless shelter is that would accept the both of us? I am also unemployed.

Daria Mayes

My husband and I (along with our two dogs) came to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for work. We found out our boss was scamming people and we quit. Now we face homelessness and don't want to lose our sweet babies. Do you know of any shelters in the Fort Lauderdale area that we can go to and stay together? Thanks -Christina


Hello my name is Karina I am 19 years old, I have a little friend( new york terrier )and we both do not have a place to go to, I attend school and want to finish but i need help getting on my feet, any suggestions ease thank you.

Karina Delira

Dear William- please call us directly at 775-841-7463. Thank you.


Yes hi my name is will and I'm in a horrible situation I'm homeless with my two shitzus I have no family and no where to go can u please help us?

willam gibbs

Dear Becky- please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pets: AND/OR


myself and 3 children are recently homeless with 2 puppies in pa area. we love our dogs and do not want to give them up. is there anyone in the area to help board our dogs until we get back on our feet?


Dear Sherry- please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for you and your pets: AND/OR


Hi.. I'm a senior lady with two dogs living with family that treat me quite badly, not physically but emotionally and verbally. When I have money it's all good but as soon as I run out of it the attitude changes.. I get SSI but not enough to rent a place and be able to continue to eat. And senior housing doesn't allow pets. I am desparate to relocate and have some peace in my life but am not sure about what available help there is. Can any of u advise me ?


Dear Jodalis- please visit the two links below to help you and your family find shelters that allow pets: AND/OR


Hi, I'm 18 years old I'm in an domestic partnership, the guy I am with is 22 we've been together r 5years. We live with our pitbull. My boyfriend was the only provider and he just lost his job and we are now looking for a shelter that allows dogs in new york but no luck, please help us.


Dear Joann, Please visit the two links below: AND/OR


Dear Anthony- Please visit the two links below for help. AND/OR


live in vegas lost my job need place that takes pets want to move to fresno ca


Hello my me is and my yorkie diamond about to come up on hard times at the middle of the month..apparently Colorado springs can care less bout people and there I'm looking for shelters in Colorado springs that allow pets and their owners under the same roof..or a place that donates tents and sleeping bags..thank you..any help would be appreciated


Dear Jess: Please visit the link below to help you find a shelter for you and your pet family.


We are a family of 4 with 2 dogs and in need of a shelter in indiana that will allow pets i cant imagine giving up


Dear Anita & Liza: please visit the two links below to help you find shelter for yourself and your pet families. We wish you the best of luck. AND/OR


i need help finding a shelter for me, my boyfreind,and our six cats i was just recently terminated from my job and my boyfreind is losing his unemployment we need someplace temporary until we can find jobs. we need a plsce where we can leave them during the day so we can go out looking for jobs

anita butler

I need help in finding a place around or near Los Angeles CA for myself and my 2 little dogs. They are everything I have! my strength to keep living regardless of being disabled, unemployed, and homeless! Please let me know. until recently I didn't mind us staying in the car however, the hot weather is here and its unfair to have my dogs going through this situation. a temporary foster or shelter that would allow them to stay with me.


Dear Angie, Please visit these two websites to help you find shelter for you and your family. AND/OR


I'm a single mom living in Springfield mo with a dog I love as well as my kids are there any shelters here you could refer me too that would allow my dog I've recently lost my apartment and have no were to go?? Please contact me at this email and let me know I deeply appreciate it Angela.

angie micheal

Dear Cathy- please look up these two websites for you and your beloved cat. There are many in FL & GA: AND/OR


Dear Erin- please try these two shelters in NEW JERSEY. Good luck to you and your pet family. Seer Farms732-928-1804http://www.seerfarms.orgDomestic Violence Advocacy Center (Mt. Holly) 856-630-8642


...My living situation is financially rather tenuous and may face homelessness soon. Are there any shelters or programs in Georgia or perhaps Florida that would accept me and my one beloved cat? I have not been abused, so it's not for that reason. Not being able to support myself well enough for the suburban Atlanta area and lack of any living family to help are the causes. I could not give up my little cat, she is all I have, but I don't want her to suffer.


Hi All,my pitbull and I are homeless !all back to Hurricane Sandy I also have a Bf who works his butt off. I can work but on SSI. it is so hard to find help with pitbull . her name is lola and is a beautiful 11 month old .and is friendly and fixed. I would give her the world if I could. im trying to save for a place and its so hard when you have no where to go with a pit.please help from the NJ :_(


Dear Scott- please visit these three websites for help finding a shelter for you and your beloved pet. 1.) AND/OR2.) AND/OR 3.)


I'm homeless sleeping with my doberman female at of my wagon. My dobe has protected me from people on the street. Where in the San Fernando Valley is there a shelter who will take me and my dog?Thank you

Scott d

Dear Danell: I am very sorry for your situation. Please visit these two websites to help you find a shelter for you and your pet family. AND/OR I wish you all the best.


Ok I have become homeless But Its bad I have 9 cats yes 9 im on disibilty I live in pennsyvania willing to go anywhere that allows 9 cats They are all spayed nuetered flea treatmentmy boyfriend of 15 years has left us.urgent.


Dear Jackie- please contact me directly at 775-841-7463 or contact directly "ICRA" Island Cat Rescue Association. They may have a temporary foster for you. They are in Alameda Ca.


Dear Tim, please visit these two websites to help you find a shelter that allows pets: AND/OR


I am mobile-homeless and have both a dog and a cat. Fortunately, I can afford to keep them fed and warm. My cat however, is not very happy having been an indoor/outdoor cat, now living in a tiny sedan with myself and my small dog. I refuse to give them up completely because they are the only family I have left in the world. I'm trying my best to earn as much as I can, but can't even come close to affording a place that will allow all three of us. This whole situation wouldn't be a big deal if my cat had always been an indoor cat, but he isn't. I'm afraid of him getting out and getting hurt. I don't really need a shelter as much as help maybe fostering/boarding him for a while? Are there any resources for that? I expect that it will be 3-6 months before I can move into and maintain a normal living situation. It would also be a situation where I will continue to buy his food and litter. I just need a place for him to stay in the mean time. I've tried boarding facilities but they charge as much as hotel rooms, if not more. It's not something that I can budget for. I've exhausted all my contacts and can't find friends or vets that can help me. It seems like the only thing that is offered around here is pet food, which is great but I can't accept since both have to be on special diets. My cat has allergies to low quality food and will scratch until he's got bloody sores all over his body. My dog is a senior with food sensitivities that cause her explosive diarrhea and so much discomfort that she cries/whines. Any suggestions (other than giving my babies up forever) would be greatly appreciated. I stay/work in Northern California in Alameda County.


My truck was stolen 2 weeks ago, I am able to work but I don't want to stay here in Arkansas. I need some intervention for me and my 20lb dog. I can or prefer to go to California or Florida. I just need help in finding a shelter that will help me get on my feet.


Dear Marie- Please contact us at 775-841-7463 so we can help you find a shelter that allows pets. OR go directly to our these two links: AND/OR


I have been homeless since August of 2012. My 5 year old puppy that I've had since he was born have been holding each other up through it all. Until about a month ago, I had a car to sleep in and store what I keep with me. Tbe car has engine problems that, obviously, I can't repair unti I have enough money to fix it-nor does it run. Currently, the car is not in the same town as me. I finally have a job at a hotel, which requires payment. Unfortunately, the paycheck doesnt seem to be enough to keep a room to stay in, even with your employee discounts...usually, in this situation, my baby & I would just rough it out in the car until I figured something out for us. I'm not including costs for food (which is barely possible as well) Calling the car 'home' is no longer an option for us. In my efforts of trying to keep my source of income (aka, the shovel i'm using to dig towards a home) the car has been parked an hour south of where we're currenty existing...In a couple of days, we will be standing outside of work with no where to keep clothes or food, no where for my dog to be while I work and no where to rest for the next thing that comes our there any place in the Springfield, mo area that would allow me and my very much needed companion/family to go? Having the job helps in so many ways, and will help me get us a home...eventually. I just need something that lets us stay together-if it weren't for taking care of him and having him by my side...I would have already given up. He's the only good thing in my life and i can't part with him and make it


Dear Cid- Please visit these two websites to help you find a homeless shelter for the woman and her family: OR OR


Hi guys, I've come across a Mother and son who are homeless with a very small quite dog whom hey rescued 9 years a go and is very dear to them, mother and son are both partially disabled and are sleeping in the van nuys area, i'm trying help them here and there but very glad to have found this web site, Does any body know any places that can take all 3 of them around VAN NUYS or any where near hear, the mom is kinda on her last breaths :( i wish there was more i could do, many thanks and god bless you all


Dear Dana: please check the following links to help you find a shelter that allows pets. They are listed by state. AND/OR Good luck to you and your little one.


I am currently a prostitute at 21 years old been doing this now for 2 years want to get out of the life me and my 5 month miniature wiener dog we currently live in Los Angeles hope this is real p.s the place can be far need to start over

Dana Roberts

Dear Amara- I am very sorry for your current situation. Please see the two links listed below to help you find shelter with your pet family. AND/OR


Dear Sonde: please check the following links to help you find a shelter that allows pets. AND/OR Good luck to you and your little one.


hi im was married n my soon to be ex stole my money for rent n it is just me n my 2 dogs n i dont know of any shelters in riverside ca as i could never part with them it would rip out my hear please i pray for help i dont know how long an eviction will take as i have lived in this horrioble rental for 5 yrs so maybe the courts will give me some time but just in case i need a back up plan as he left me with no way to pay n keep my roof over i and my dogs


Myself and small Yorkshire Terrier need a place to stay in Virginia. I don't have a vehicle or drivers license. Thanks in advance for any advise. Doorways that I think is in Arlington Virginia only allows residents of their particular county.


Dear Ro: I have listed two links to help you find a homeless shelter that allows pets in your area. They are both listed by state. AND You can also try Doorways Safehouse & Kennel Arlington, Virginia 703-237-0881.


Dear Dawn: If you are in need of a homeless shelter that allows pets in NY please call the following: A New Hope Center (Owego) 800-696-7600 OR My Sister's Place & SPCA of Westchester 1-800-298-SAFE (7233) (My Sister's Place) or 914-941-2894 ext. 19 (SPCA of Westchester).


Hello there, I am homeless sleeping in my vehicle or at random places with my dog. Nonetheless, I rescued my dog from a local shelter when I had a stable home environment. Now, both of us are out on the streets in Virginia, and no one will take us in. I really need help because I cant find housing that is low-income or for the disabled (in which I am)and it's disheartening.


Is there anything near Rochester, NY?


Dear Kristine: I am very sorry for your current situation. I have looked up some shelters in the state of Georgia that allow pets. I hope this helps. S.A.F.E. (Blairsville) 800-334-2836Project Renewal (Rockdale/Newton/Walton Counties) 770-860-1666Ahimsa House(404) 452-6248 (crisis line) or (404) 496-4038 (general)services@ahimsahouse.orgConyers*Project ReNeWal770-860-1666Thomasville*Halcyon Home for Battered Women229-226-6666 or 1-800-284-9980


hello,My mom & me are having rough times right now. Jobs are so hard to find & we are looking for a transitional place or shelter that will allow our cats to be with us. They are our comfort & companions. They are older & very sweet & they would be devastated as would we if we can't have them with us. We r living in Norcross, Georgia. It would be such a blessing to us if you know of any place close to us that would take all 4 of us.Thank you so much.....


Dear KF- I have found three shelters for you in Minnesota. Please contact them ASAP so you can get out of your current situation. OR OR


I am living in a suburb of Minneapolis and am being severely abused by my alcolohic boyfriend and I have no where to go except the streets and it's getting cold. I have a cat that will be killed if left behind, so I have to stay and live in complete hell. Is there any shelters in Minnesota that will accept me and my cat. I will choose to stay and die in this house if I can't bring my cat. He's just as abused as I am.


Dear Cheryl Ann, Please visit the two websites listed below to find a shelter near. AND/OR - If you are in need of pet food please visit this link for the NJ area:


As of tomorrow my 2 cats & myself will be homeless. We live in Atlantic city new Jersey is there any help for us.

cheryl ann

Dear Juggalette- Please call or email us directly at 775-841-7463 or We would like to try and help you find a shelter that allows pets. Thank you.


I'm about to be homeless and need help real bad I just can't part with my cat I love him soooo much he's all I got....I live in auburn Maine and know of ABSOLUTLY NO shelters that will accept pets.....PLEASE HELP...


Dear Micky: please try these two websites for more listings of homeless shelters in NYC. AND/OR I hope and pray that you and your cat can stay together. Sincerely-Pets of the Homeless


You have no listings for NYC. My cats and I are about to be homeless and I am trying my best not to be separated from them.


Dear Sabrina- please visit the link below to find a shelter in your city/state.


I need a shelter that allows pets in new york. I'm very desperate.


Amanda-please visit this link to find a pet friendly shelter.


Dear Ameqouhi- please visit this link to find a pet friendly shelter.


Dear Vickie- please visit the link below to find a shelter that allows pets in your state. If you do not have any luck please visit the other two links below. luck to you and your pet family.


Hi, I have a large breed friendly dog and live in Tampa Fla. I recently got a job, I have my own car, but simply need a place that will let me and my dog stay until i graduate from USF next year. I have no family or friends in this area, or anyone to help. My dog has been through so much, and she has helped me survive so much. She is the only one who gives her word to me, and means it. I owe her as well. is there any place in Tampa Florida that allows temp homes for homeless veterans with pets.


I live in chicago and am facing an eviction. I know i'll need to go to a shelter, but nobody accepts pets and i have 3 dogs. I don't want to part with them, does anyone know of a shelter that allows dogs nearby or nearby states even? Plese Help. Vickie Shea


Teresa- you can also visit the two links below for additional shelters.


Dear Anthony- please call the homeless shelter below. If they cannot help you or you are not close to them, ask for other resources. You can also visit these two other links for shelters throughout the US. Shelter for the Homeless and Emergency Warming CenterBoulder, Colorado303-442-4646


Dear Teresa- please call the homeless shelter below. Community Partnership for Homeless, South Miami-Dade Center28205 SW 125 AveHomestead, Florida 33033877-994-4357


I'm homeless in Colorado springs. .me and my pet yorkie I go to school and have part time job..just need temporary housing for me and her..I'm not gonna give her up..she's my heart..I wouldn't survive to long without any help you can provide would be appreciated. ..thank you for your name is Anthony

Anthony Hale

I need information on where I can stay with my rat terrier and son. I can't afford housing and have a Job and don't want to leave the area just yet. I don't want to give up my dog and the only place i see that accepts animals is in dade city and i reside in tampa florida


Lisa- please let me know what city/state you are living in so I can try and help you. Also, what is your email address. POTH-Staff


I need help I have nowhere to go no job no car no nothing but my


Dear Joann,I am very sorry for your situation. Please let me know what state and city you are located so I can try to help. OR visit this link to find a homeless shelter that allows pets or try the two websites below.


I need help i have two dogs and need a safe place so i can work on a better life i have been homeless before and i dont mind sleeping in the woods but my dogs deserve better


Dear Annie, I am very sorry for your situation. Are you trying to adopt your dog? If so, please visit our resources page to help you find a rescue group in your city. Best wishes to you and your dog.


hello there. i am currently unemployed, for my health is not well. My family cannot know my health year old conditions. I have a year old dog, shes very loving and friendly. I am an 18 year old female and i live in california


Help. I'm currently looking for a place where me and my 3 month old kitten, Gassy can temporarily stay. I'm trying to free myself from an abusive relationship and have no where to go. Please help me in pregnant and really don't care where I go as long as I can bring little Gassy with me. If anyone has any info you can contact me through my email btw I reside in Los Angeles CA but am willing to go anywhere that accepts us.


in Tucson, AZ.


Hi I'm looking for place for myself and my 2 year old pit/mix. I have little money and no place to go. Is there a current place for us to go around la/oc/riverside counties thank you .

jose zilio

Hey there! I have a 4 year old half pit-half lab who is a huge friendly dork of mine. He's been my best friend for 4 years of my life in which i have been struggling....Charlie and I are planning a walk to Oregon for a fresh new start at life but I do not plan on giving up on my best friend anytime soon so If anyone knows of a homless shelter or mens home who will allow my pet and I to reside there till I get my feet on the ground, Please contact me in Email! I plan on leaving Tuesday June 5th. Please Help charlie and I find a home. Thank You All

Al River

More and more folks contact us everyday asking for help locating a homeless shelter that will allow pets. The list is growing so check often: wishes to all who need help!


I'm in current immediate need of shelter along with my pet chihuahua, I was hoping you had availability immediately to assist in this matter, Thank You, I can be reached at (323) 425-7477. Your assistance is deeply appreciated.

Eva P.

know of any family homeless shelters in New York City that allow pets...since they are part of the family too!?


Homeless in colorado!!! Very recent happening to do ay shelters there accept pets!?


Hello. I have a dear friend who has lost her home. She and her 7 yr. old American Staffy are now homeless. Please direct me to any help in Virginia Beach or surrounding cities. Thank you! VERY URGENT!

Angela Brown

Suggestion to those who are homeless in cities that do not have shelters that allow pets. Ask friends and family if they will foster your pet for a few weeks until you can get back on your feet. Ask a local kennel for a reduced fee, ask your vet if he/she knows of anyone willing to foster for a short time.


Hi, my family and I are about to be evicted and we need to find homeless shelters that allows pets in nyc, preferably in the bronx or manhattan. Would you have a link or program that does this. Thank you


I am trying to help a homeless couple with 2 dogs to find shelter and or some accomodation for the winter. At present they live in a tent, but winter is here and snow will arrive - where can they find shelter for themselves and their 2 dogs. Please help. The location is Rockville, Maryland. Thank you


Sadly many visits to Pets of the Homeless website are from people about to become homeless or are homeless with pets. Pets of the Homeless suggests people in such a circumstances visit or call a Salvation Army, local food bank or food pantries (ask for pet food), Catholic Charities and other social organizations. Veterans can call local VA office for help. Some dog rescues, local animal control, SPCA and Humane Societies may offer pet food and also "foster" pets until a pet owner can get back on their feet. Organizations that distribute pet food and pet supplies are listed by state on Pets of the Homeless website. Visit often as the site is updated frequently. We are faced with difficult choices for the allocation of limited funds. Unfortunately, individual requests do not fall under our grant guidelines. The funds are specific to licensed veterinarians that can assist many people and their pets. If your veterinarian would like to apply for a grant to help homeless with pets in your community please have him/her contact us.Too few shelters allow pets. Pets of the Homeless recognize a dire need for homeless services to fill this gap of not allowing pets into their shelters. We award grants to homeless shelters looking for ways to allow pets shelter with their owners. Any homeless shelter wanting more information about Pets of the Homeless Crate Project may download the simple Guidelines & Procedures. If you are homeless or about to become homeless, consider a visit to a homeless shelter in our area. Provide them with this information. You may be the person who opens the door to the homeless with pets in your community. Help us to help you.


Need to find a shelter in Fort Lauderdale. Man lost his home and needs help taking care of his ll year old declawed cat. Can you advise me if there is such a location. Thank you

Madeline Murphy

There is one human shelter in North York, a suburb of Toronto, Ontario, Canada that will take humans and their pets but cal ahead to confirm space and number of animalsFred VictorBethlehem United Shelter161 Caledonia RoadNorth York, OntarioM6A 2W9 tel: 416-644-1734Can you ask if anyone knows of another human shelter in Ontario, Canada that will take pets and let me know if you hear back from anyone. Thx

R. Burt

Vickie, please check the page on the website that lists homeless shelters that allow pets.Our best wishes to you and your little companion.

Genevieve Frederick

Please, I need your help because I've been evicted from my place since last friday! First, they cut my lights out, which was $900.00 and I could'nt get any help from Social Services, or anywhere! They said that I made too much money, and I'm on a fixed income! It started happening, when my other dog passed away from cancer around the first part of August! And then, the rest, just followed! I've been staying with my daughter, but I have to leave because I have a chihuahua! So now, I need somewhere temporarily, so that I can try to get my finances situated, and find us another place! Please, find it in your heart to help! Thank You very much, Vickie Hawes!

Vickie Hawes

Leah,I was in a similar situation last year. I have 5 cats and was desperate to find someone to take them temporarily while I was at a shelter. Please don't give up. Here are some suggestions to get you started.Call your vet and ask if they can house them or know anyone else who can.Call other local veterinarians to see if they have any suggestions as to who might be able to take your animals while you're in transition.If they were adopted from local animal shelters, contact those to see if they will take them temporarily. (Three of the shelters where my cats came from were kill shelters and they told me I'd have to surrender the cats permanently, with the possibilty that they might be euthanized if they were not adopted. Another shelter, a no-kill, called me after I'd resettled with my cats - about 5 weeks later - to let me know they had room for ALL 5!) Also call any shelters that might be nearby, but not necessarily in the same state as you, e.g., Arkansas or Oklahoma?Contact your friends, family or anyone else in your social network. Put requests on Facebook, etc. Use your network, and get your network to do some networking for you.Call pet boarding operations. They might let you board at a reduced rate or even at no charge. This was the one that provided the solution for me. You might be separated from your pets for a little while, but don't give up hope. If you're determined, you will find a better life for yourself and your pets.Good luck.Priscilla


What do you recommend homeless people do with their pets when they are not allowed at the shelter? I am in Springfield MO and want to get away from an abusive relationship but I am at a loss when it comes to my pets.


I think it is a God send that this ministry understands tha for some people the only one that gives them love is their pets. I have two boy cats that comfort me and without them I would be lost. I face homelessness myself within the next few days and i have been searching for a place to go that I can keep them. God has answered my prayers. Thank You!

Leah Sutter

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