Never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way. author unknown

Success Stories




Chili, owned by a homeless gentleman was attacked by another animal (raccoon or coyote?) while on a walk with his owner in a canyon.  He was bitten on the leg and head.  Doctors repaired the laceration. 


Blue was experiencing a cough and runny nose.  His homeless owner was detained and dog was put into animal control shelter for a couple of days.  Blue was diagnosed with kennel cough.  Doctor prescribed medication and injection for immediate relief.     


Azza was involved in an altercation while protecting her homeless owner with another person.  Paw was injured during altercation.  Doctor found minor fracture and instead of charging thousands on surgery he decided to splint the paw to see if it could heal on its own. Azza seems to be doing better after four splint changes. 


An animal hospital contacted POTH to help a homeless woman's dog that was attacked by another dog.  "Curly" suffered from a huge gash on his cheek.  Surgery was needed.  Another oganization chipped in for the surgery along with the homeless woman. 


Buddy is a two year old Pit bull mix that tested positive for Parvo. Buddy responded very well to the medications and is now doing great. 


"Lady Bug" suffered from an abdominal hernia.  Her homeless owner lives on the streets of Riverside, CA.  POTH paid $500 for the surgery. 


A homeless woman called POTH from a shelter, her dog "Baby Girl" might have been hit by a car.  Dog was missing for 5 days and came back with major injuries.  POTH paid $500 for surgery and hospitalization. 


This “Precious” little girl was in trouble. She was abandoned on the streets of Riverside, CA when a homeless woman came to her rescue and decided to adopt her. The woman saw that she was injured and called Pets of the Homeless. Precious had surgery for a dislocated jaw.


Peyote was in a lot of pain due to an eye infection. His homeless owner contacted Pets of the Homeless for help, we then contacted a veterinarian in their area. We spoke to the owner post appointment and Peyote was doing much better with prescribed eye medication.


Pets of the Homeless paid for this sweet girl, Munchie to have hernia surgery. The vet office said she had two large inguinal hernias. On the road to recovery. Her owner is homeless living on the streets of Riverside, CA. 


A homeless man living on a business porch called because his dog, Smiley had a broken leg.  He had let Smiley run at a park and he chased a ball that went into the street, and was hit by a car.  POTH helped pay for x-rays, splint and pain medication. 


Fara, living in Reno NV with her homeless owner was not herself.  She was lethargic and not eating.  Fairgrounds Animal Hospital tested Fara for Parvo.  The test came back positive.  POTH paid for the treatment.  A couple of days later the owner said she was doing much better and back to playing again. 


Angel, was in need of hernia surgery.  POTH paid for the surgery and she is now recovering with her homeless owner in a motel room. 


Littles was having tummy troubles.  Her homeless owner thought she might have ingested rocks.  The veterinarian performed an exam, fecal exam, x-ray and pet food.  X-ray did not show anything foreign. 


Bambi was in need of emergency vet care.  Her homeless owner knew something was wrong when she noticed Bambi was very itchy and had sores on her skin.  The animal hospital gave Bambi an exam, skin scrapping, allergy injections, anti-inflammatory and shampoo.


"Snots" was seen by a So. Cal.  veterinarian thanks to donations through Pets of the Homeless. He was diagnosed with an eye and nose infection. Snots lives with his family outside with another cat and dog. 



Scrappy needed surgery for a broken leg.  POTH paid for the surgery to Moreno Valley Animal Hospital.  He lives with his homeless owner in Riverside, CA.  Scrappy is doing much better.




Jay, living on the streets of Petaluma, CA with his homeless owner, had an infected foot/leg. At 9 months old the puppy was not acting normal, and his owner knew something was wrong.  The veterinarians at Washington Square Veterinary Clinic performed surgery and removed an abscess.  Jay is now feeling better and is able to act his age. 


One of our volunteers called Pets of the Homeless because a homeless woman living in her vehicle was desperate for help. Her dog named Luna had an infected tooth. The woman was traveling north to find work, so we had her stop in at one of our members, Boulevard Pet Hospital in Castro Valley, CA where they removed the bad tooth. With the help of your donations Pets of the Homeless was able to pay for the surgery.  I spoke to the owner post-surgery and Luna was doing fantastic. The next day she was chewing on a stick which she was never able to do before.  The owner was so very grateful for our help. In her words, "Thank you, the vets and everyone for what you did for Luna! Luna is the purest love I've ever known".


Wyatt (2 years) and Morgan (4 years) are lab mixes. Their dad, Ted, lost his job and all three live in a trailer in the desert without hookups.  The trailer is near a chicken coop that is not kept clean.  Both dogs ate chicken poop and got a bad case of bloody diarrhea and bloody vomiting.  Pets of the Homeless helped both these pets.  We set up an appointment for the emergency and paid most of the veterinary bill.  The treatment included exam, fluids and amoxicillin.  Both dogs are on the road to recovery.  The best part of this story is the vet technician offered Ted, Wyatt and Morgan a place to live in exchange for being the care taker of her own dog rescue where she cares for 17 dogs and 3 cats.  Wyatt and Morgan thank you.



As Veterinarians, we have to balance sound business practices with providing health care that improves the community in which we live.  We also know that there are many animals that are owned by people that cannot afford to take care of them in our community.  Parts of that group are people that do not have a permanent residence.   The homeless in our communities have pets that they love deeply.   These pets, though loved, are at risk to carry many diseases that can be spread to other pets in the community.  One of the ways that we can balance all of these things is to work with the group called ‘Feeding Pets of the Homeless’.  Click here to Read Dr. Ford's Full Letter


Paco, a Pomeranian who belongs to a homeless man living in his van at a Wal-Mart parking lot in Florida.  Paco was in a lot of pain because he needed some teeth pulled. Community Animal Hospital performed the procedure. Paco was feeling much better post surgery. 


A recipient of a grant receives a number of tail wags from pets receiving care, and a few hugs from owners who had tears in their eyes after receiving veterinary assistance for their pets.


A dog waits outside while the homeless man enters the soup kitchen for his daily meal.  His eyes light up and water when he is given a zip lock bag of dry dog food.   For the man it is one less thing he will not have to worry about today.


Merlin, a service dog for a homeless veteran living on the coast of Oregon suffers from a fungal infection.  Merlin was living with foster parents while his owner was hospitalized. They noticed bloody discharge coming out of his nose.  Merlin's foster parents called Pets of the Homeless for help.  The sweet dog was brought to Brookings Harbor Veterinary Hospital where they performed minor surgery to take out a mass that was inside Merlin's nose.  This was just the beginning for Merlin. Read the full story here.  Update: Merlin is back with his owner and since having his surgery is doing much better. 


Tina Carter, a dedicated volunteer of Pets of the Homeless started a Facebook Page on our behalf.  The success of her efforts brought 3,861 new members enrolled who have donated $700 to Feeding Pets of the Homeless.  Tina attracts new collections sites in the San Diego area as well as picking up and delivering hundreds of pounds of pet food to St. Vincent de Paul Village.  She can also be seen giving out pet food to people on the streets. Thanks to Tina, a member of our Facebook cause donated $2,500 through The Thomas & Mary Ann Tizzio Foundation for which Pets of the Homeless and pets of the homeless are profoundly grateful.


Alexander Orandello, a Boy Scout in East Rockaway on Long Island, NY decided to do a pet food drive for his Eagle Scout project.  Alexander said his goal was to “. . . collect as much food as possible to donate so it could be distributed to (animals) in need.”   Through Alexander’s efforts he received 12 free bags of dog food from Rachel Ray’s Nutrish company.  With the help of Boy Scout Troup 332, they raised community awareness to the plight of pets of the homeless through their pet food drive.  All donated pet food was delivered to Mr. Neve with Reaching-Out Community Services in Brooklyn, NY for their food pantry to distribute to the homeless and poor.


A homeless woman who is on social security needs help finding a veterinarian who will treat her pit bull that she rescued from a dog fighting ring.  We guide her to one of the free clinics that we awarded grant money.


Donna Butler-Gates, the one woman army for disadvantaged animals and pets of the homeless, has an outreach which extends beyond her own business.  Donna’s Pet Grooming Mobile Service At Home Sweet Home, provides her the opportunity to also help disadvantaged pets.  She visits a homeless camp, delivers pet food, blankets, collars, flea and tick treatments and education the homeless about vaccines and spay/neuter.  She helps transport pets in need of veterinary care.


A homeless man emailing us from a public library asking for help finding pet food, the food pantry that he goes to does not have pet food to give.  We guide him to another food bank that does have pet food.

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