May 18, 2017Blog

Having a pet is one obstacle the homeless face when applying for a job. Where do they leave Fido during the interview?

A unique solution to a growing problem.

 In Brazil a new type of animal shelter is in operation.  

“But the unique attribute is that the shelter will be staffed exclusively by homeless people who live on the streets with their pets and thus have a demonstrated affinity for caring for animals in need. By providing them employment in animal shelters centered around the passion they have already developed — along with social work and other services to aid them in managing their income and transitioning them from the streets into permanent employment — we believe we can utilize the mutual support that homeless people and animals in need provide one another in order to help both.”

I will be promoting this idea to animal shelters across the country because the homeless with pets have demonstrated their love for pets.

A first step might be that animal shelters give these caring homeless a job while their own pet is kenneled during the day.