August 27, 2018Success Stories

Success Story “Duke”

Good afternoon, 8-6-18
First I want you guys to know that I’m grateful for the help which you guys provided for my dog.  My Case Manager was very helpful and guided me in the direction so that my dog could be seen by a vet.  I called her at about 9:15 am and she found a vet in my area and She scheduled my appointment for 11am. When I arrived to the Pet Clinic, everything was taken care of. Thanks to Pets of the Homeless. Thanks once again

A homeless man in the San Jose, California area called Pets of the Homeless. After interviewing Manuel, we learned that he has been sleeping on the streets in a sleeping bag for the last 16 months. He asked for help with his two-year-old male pit bull, Duke. He told us that Duke might have a foxtail in his right paw. We approved an exam at a participating network Pet Clinic in San Jose.
After the examination, the doctor told us that there wasn’t a foxtail in Dukes paw. That it was just irritated from an ingrown hair and the more he licked his paw the more irritated it would get. So the doctor recommended and we approved anti-inflammatory meds, and some antibiotics to take with him. We assisted with a total of $161.50 on Duke.