August 27, 2018Success Stories

Success Story “Roper”

Testimonial:  I recently moved from Montana to Oregon and my service dog Roper. He’s a lover of water, and when discovered a slough close to where we’re camped, he went wading through it. It was shortly after he started to chew and lick himself, and it quickly started to become raw and irritated. At first I was only able to do what I could with the few dollars I had, I purchased some Benadryl and an Elizabeth Collar. This was not working, it was really hot and I just couldn’t keep making Roper wear the E-Collar in the high temperatures. With no money, being homeless, and with the only Veterinarian care for low-income/no-income people closed until they can find a Veterinarian there was nothing U could do for Roper but keep making him wear the E-Collar, until…
I was on Facebook and come across an ad I never saw before from an agency called Feeding Pets for The Homeless. I originally was interested in maybe getting Roper some kibble. I sent a message before turning in that night, a Thursday. The next morning I had a text message with a phone number and said I should call and be connected to a case manager. I actually hesitated in calling in fear I would be calling some place and then be getting all kinds of calls from people trying to sell me something. Boy was I glad I made that call. During the initial call I gave the person all the information concerning Roper’s condition as well as where I live. I was told I would get a callback after a Veterinarian was found in my area that would see Roper. I got another surprise, within an hour I had been set up to take Roper to a Veterinarian Hospital I had previously been to many years before with another dog who I had that got infected severely with fleas while here on vacation. The Appointment was set for the following Monday morning. FAST…
Well I couldn’t be more happy after all was done at the Veterinarian Animal Hospital. Roper was seen by a caring professional Veterinarian and his assistant. Two medications were prescribed along with a chewable one month flea/tick preventive. All the costs were taking care of, and I was releived that my best buddy had been taken care of.  I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t been for an ad. My many thanks to everyone involved in seeing Roper on the road to better days.

This disabled homeless man is living out of his van in the Springfield, Oregon area. He lives on private property with his service animal Roper, a five-year-old Collie mix. After interviewing the man, we found out that he camps on a friend’s property. He has the ability to use their restroom but cooks all his food outside. They both recently moved to Springfield due to their previous housing situation falling through. The man and Roper have been homeless for about six months now, luckily he found Pets of the Homeless through Facebook and reached out to us seeking help for Roper. He informed us that Roper had a raw spot under his belly from Roper licking it too much. He said he had previously put an E-collar on Roper but that still didn’t prevent him from licking the spot. We approved an exam at a new partnering hospital.
After the exam, the doctor called and said the raw spot was irritated from Roper licking so they recommended antibiotics and medication to send home. We approved all meds and paid a total of $133.60.
The homeless man called us and thanked us for helping Roper. He told us we were a great organization and very thankful he found us on Facebook.