March 5, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Honeydew

A disabled homeless woman in the Morro Bay, CA area called Pets of the Homeless. After interviewing the woman, we learned that she lives out of her car and that she has been homeless for the past 12 months. Her only source of income is social security and food stamps. She stays in a few different parking lots that she feels safe in. She called seeking assistance for her nine-year-old grey domestic short hair cat, Honeydew. She said Honeydew had been losing weight rapidly. Honeydew was also throwing up her food and drinking a lot of water. She said she started feeding Honeydew baby food and that was the only food she could keep down as of right now. We approved an exam at a network veterinarian.

After the exam, the doctor called and recommended we start with blood work and a pancreatic test. After the results came back we found out that Honeydew had kidney disease and pancreatitis. The estimate came out to a high dollar amount so before proceeding we asked what condition the cat was in and if she would survive. The doctor seemed hopeful and told us that she could live for a while if we were to get her on fluids and other treatment right away. The doctor said the problem might not be reoccurring and could be cured so we proceeded with treatment. We approved: fluids, medications, antibiotics, injections, new food, and hospitalization. We provided financial assistance of $799.23 for Honeydew.

Honeydew’s guardian called us on February 26, 2019 to thank us and tell us that we saved Honeydew’s life. She was very grateful for our services.