March 5, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Lobo

A disabled homeless man in the San Diego, CA area called Pets of the Homeless. We learned the man sleeps in a tent on the beach. He has been homeless for about three years and his only source of income is food stamps. He called Pets of the Homeless seeking assistance for his four-year-old German Shepherd mix, Lobo. Lobo was running in the park and ran over a sharp object which caused a large laceration on his stomach the evening before. They took him immediately to an emergency clinic but due to the man not having funds they bandaged Lobo up and sent him on his way. The man called us the next day and said Lobo is losing a lot of blood. We approved an exam at a participating network veterinarian.

After the exam, the doctor called and said Lobo would need a laceration repair. The doctor recommended and we approved: surgery, mini panel, IV-catheter, anesthesia, anesthesia monitoring, laceration repair, medications, and a bandage. We provided financial assistance to the veterinarian for a total of $493.63.

The man called and told us thank you and that he doesn’t think Lobo would have survived if we didn’t step in and help. He said Lobo is his world and he can’t thank us enough.