July 11, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Chino

Pets of the Homeless received a call from Police Officer Griggs in Detroit, Michigan. He was concerned about a dog who belonged to a homeless man on the streets. The dog had multiple wounds including a torn ear. We told the Officer that we would need to speak with the man and interview him. He had worked all night long, then been to a seminar, and would work again that night. However, out of concern and compassion for the dog, Officer Griggs would go find the homeless man and call us back.
The Officer found the man about an hour later and called again. We interviewed the man, Doug Peterman. He lives on the streets for the past 3 years and stays on the porch of an abandoned house. He has no phone. He also told our Case Manager he could not read or write. His dog Chino, an 8-year-old intact male Pit Bull Australian Shepherd mix had wandered off while he was sleeping and been involved in a dog fight. Pets of the Homeless began calling around to veterinarians in the Detroit area and received a welcome response from Dr. Francis at Francis Animal Hospital.
We got in touch with the Officer and he took Chino and the man to the vet. After the examination, Dr. Francis called and said he was going to need to do surgery and amputate Chino’s ear because it was in very bad shape. Chino had wounds all around his neck, some underneath that would require a drain as well as seemed to be losing weight. We approved a discounted surgery estimate of $950. We paid a deposit of $475.00 as the hospital had not worked with us before. Surgery was performed and included injections, iv catheter and fluids, hospitalization, anesthesia, surgery, blood work, drainage, medications, a fecal test and heartworm test. We received the above photos from the police officer.
We called to follow up on Chino a few days later. Dr. Francis was able to save Chino’s ear! He said he spent extra time at no charge and surgically fixed up the ear. He counted between 30 – 40 holes in Chino’s neck, ear and head. He cleaned up all the wounds. He said that Chino has hookworm and we assisted with dewormer. Dr. Francis also recommended and we approved updating all of Chino’s vaccinations for only an additional $20. Chino was ready to be discharged. Our Case Manager called Officer Griggs who went and found Mr. Peterman and took him to go pick up Chino. The Officer and Dr. Francis spoke to the man about making sure he ties Chino up when he is going to sleep to make sure this will never happen again.
We assisted with a total of $1,000.00 for Chino. The Officer thanked Pets of the Homeless for what we do and for helping Chino and Doug. He said Chino was so excited to see Doug that he could barely get the following photos. We reciprocated and thanked the Officer for his service and for being so kind to help.