July 11, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Deebo

A homeless man who lives in a tent in the San Leandro, CA area called Pets of the Homeless. His dog, Deebo, an intact six-month old Pit Bull Border Collie Terrier mix puppy had a possible broken leg. A metal bar fell on it two days ago. The man was referred to us by the East Bay SPCA. We approved an examination.
After the exam, the veterinarian recommended sedation and x-rays. We approved this. The x-rays showed Deebo’s leg was broken. We approved a cast, weekly cast changes, x-rays in another three weeks and at six weeks.
We approved $416.00 for Deebo. At the first visit we assisted with $150.00; East Bay SPCA split the bill today and we’ll pay again in three weeks.
Deebo and his human returned on 03.06.2019 for a bandage change, and x-rays. Antibiotics were given. We assisted with an additional $266.00 for Deebo.