July 11, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Love

A disabled homeless man living in his RV in Chula Vista CA called Pets of the Homeless. He receives social security benefits. He has been homeless for about 10 years. He called about his dog, Love, a beautiful neutered male Husky Coyote mix who was vomiting and not eating. We approved an examination.
After the exam, the doctor recommended hospitalization. Love was dehydrated and needed fluids, medications, x-rays, nursing care and a heartworm/tic test. We approved this treatment. The nurse called our Case Manager and said that Love had dark black stool, his globulins were high and the heartworm/tic test was negative. We assisted with $635.00 for Love. The hospital discounted the bill by $74.45.
Love’s human called and said thank you, and to please be sure to say thank you to all the people that donate to us.