July 11, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Miss Lilly

A disabled homeless man in the Carson City, Nevada area called Pets of the Homeless. After interviewing the man, we found out he sleeps outside wherever he can find a safe spot or he has slept at a friend’s house for a couple days. He has been homeless for about 3 years. The only type of income he has is food stamps. He called Pets of the Homeless asking for our assistance with his two and half year-old German Shepherd, Miss Lilly. A few months ago Miss Lilly was hit by a car and fortunately he was able to come up with some money to get her checked out along with some medications. At the time the doctor said Miss Lilly would probably need her leg amputated but William did not have the funds. He was referred to us by a previous Pets of the Homeless employee. He told us that Miss Lilly was a very active dog but now she was starting to drag her leg. The man had already done the leg work for Pets of the Homeless and found a hospital in Washoe Valley that would be willing to do it for a decent price. We approved an exam since it had been awhile for Miss Lilly at a new partnering vet.
After the exam, the doctor still wanted to amputate and was still willing to do the surgery for $1,000. The doctor recommended and we approved: fluids, injections, anesthesia, amputation, intensive care, bandage, catheter, and medications.
The same day the man came to Pets of the Homeless and thanked us all for our help. Miss Lilly acted like she never had the leg to begin with. She ran around and greeted everyone. Miss Lilly’s human continued to thank us and began getting teary eyed. He told us he was so grateful and that he tried everything for Miss Lilly and was lucky enough to find out about us.