October 17, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Bear

A homeless woman who stays in a shelter in the San Diego, CA area called Pets of the Homeless™. She has been homeless for approximately two years, is disabled and receives SSI. She called about Bear, her 1-year old Chihuahua Terrier mix. Bear had been attacked by another dog the previous night. He had bite wounds in his groin area and was limping. We verified she is staying at the shelter, and approved an examination for Bear.
When we approved the examination, we mentioned that if the bite wounds required surgical repairs, we would like to have Bear neutered. The veterinarian recommended and we approved: injections, lab work, anesthesia, neuter, wound care, medications, iv catheter and fluids, and pain medications. We assisted with $457.10 for Bear. The hospital discounted the bill by $232.28.