October 17, 2019Success Stories

Success Story – Whitey

A homeless man called Pets of the Homeless™ seeking assistance for his dog Whitey who had a deep gash on his back. Whitey is a 2-year-old neutered Labrador mix. The man does everything he can for his pets and he makes sure their needs are met before his own. He and his dogs sleep on the streets in San Diego. He learned about Pets of the Homeless™ through an Animal Control Officer who took him and Whitey directly to our veterinary hospital partner in El Cajon. The man states Whitey sustained the injury when he was attacked by another dog. Although he always keeps his pets on a leash, not all pet owners do the

Our veterinary partner provided a discount and we authorized a surgical repair of the laceration with sedation, a drain, and medication. Pets of the Homeless™ funded $482.32 in treatment and our  veterinary partner provided $120.58 in discounted services. Whitey is healing fabulously and the man couldn’t be happier.