March 31, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Lex

We received a call for emergency vet care from a homeless carpenter that had been living in his van for the past eight months, as he was headed to San Francisco, CA from Los Angeles for work.  His dog Lex, a 7-year-old male French Bulldog, hadn’t urinated in 24 hours. Poor Lex had urine dripping from him.  After a quick verification, we approved an examination at a partner pet center in the area.

After the examination, the veterinarian called our case manager and told her that he suspected Lex had an obstruction in his urinary tract, such as a bladder stone.  The vet would be able to empty Lex’s bladder but would need to sedate him and attempt to push the stone through.  Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ approved the procedure, as well as a urine culture and the needed medications.

After the procedure the veterinarian followed up with us and said he tried and tried, but could not get the stone through.  He would need to surgically enter the urethra, remove the stone and a catheter would need to remain while the urethra healed, which would take approximately five days. We approved the surgery and hospitalization for Lex.

Because of the generous support of our donors, Feeding Pets of the Homeless™ assisted with $1,000 for Lex’s treatment which included: examination,  medications, ultrasound, urine culture, injections, anesthesia, urinary catheter placement and maintenance, blood work, subcutaneous fluids, and five days of hospitalization.  The hospital discounted the procedures by $638.83, and the owner paid the remainder of the invoice.

We receive calls requesting help like Lex every day. We are so grateful for the continued support and donations we receive that allow us to help those that so desperately want to take care of their beloved companions. Would you like to be a part of a success story? Your donation can help! Link to make a donation here.