June 17, 2020Blog

How To Help The Homeless & Their Pets During Covid-19

Image by Leroy_Skalstad on Pixabay

By: Mike Powell

Imagine having nothing and nobody in your life but your pet.

For those of us stuck at home during this pandemic, our pet’s tail wags, cute antics, and loving eyes make us smile when we’re feeling down. But for people who have no home to go to, those licks, loves, and tail wags mean so much more.

For those sitting at home during this pandemic, have you considered what you could do to help the homeless and their pets during COVID-19?

Here are some ideas to make use of the time you have and, quite possibly, save a life or two.

Keep Them Fed

Do you know what it’s like to not eat for a couple of days? I hope not. Despite their needs and challenges, many homeless people take great care to make sure their pets have full tummies before they do.

Let’s not just be content with throwing a coin or two into a cup as the world begins to get back on its feet! If you’ve felt the pinch in the last few weeks, you can expect that it’s been much harder for the homeless and their animals.

Let’s make a tangible, practical difference in keeping them fed.

You can help by:

  • Buying extra canned items when you shop – one for a human and one for a pet.
  • Storing non-perishables in your car (make sure they can’t be ruined by heat).
  • Keeping a bottle of clean water and a bowl in your trunk.
  • Donating food and supplies.
  • Volunteering with an organization that feeds the homeless (not forgetting the fluffs!).

Keep Them Healthy

The homeless often can’t afford medical treatment for their beloved companions. Not only does this cause them distress, but it can also keep them from finding better shelter themselves – many shelters don’t allow pets.

The street isn’t an easy place to live, and injury or illness can be a dangerous problem for people and their pets. You can help by:

  • Keeping a small emergency first aid kit in your car.
  • Sponsoring a homeless person or pet’s medical treatment.
  • Contacting an organization who can help, if you see a human and pet in need.
  • Donating to organizations that provide medical care for homeless pets and people.

Keep Them Together

You may be wondering how you can assist when it comes to keeping pets and their humans together. A simple way to assist is by offering to foster a dog while their owner is receiving medical care or staying in a safe place.

This is an amazing way to help if you:

  • Don’t have dogs of your own.
  • Have space to accommodate a pup in your home.
  • Can afford to feed an extra mouth.
  • Don’t have children in the home.


While we’re sitting comfy in our homes waiting out the pandemic, homeless people are simply trying to survive and keep their pets warm and fed, too.

You may be the only lifeline these people and animals have.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s the value of caring for each other – human and pet. Now is the perfect time to make a difference in the lives of some people and some fluffs – and it’s really not that hard to do!


Image by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Image by vinsky2002 on Pixabay