July 29, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Tika

A woman has been homeless for two years, receives food stamps and lives in a shelter in the San Diego, CA area. She heard about Feeding Pets of the Homeless® from a friend when her dog, Tika, a 12-year old female apple head Chihuahua fell off her bunk bed at the shelter and broke her jaw. She called us and after we verified she was homeless with the shelter, we approved an examination at a partner veterinary hospital.

After the initial exam, the vet recommended a pain injection and x-rays for Tika. We found out that Tika’s jaw was in fact broken. The vet suggested a small nylon muzzle would be the safer way to help it heal. Because of Tika’s age, surgery would be extensive and risky and could run up in the $4,000 range. We assisted with $339.54 which included x-rays, bloodwork, pain and antibiotic injections and meds to go home. We received $84.73 in discounts.