August 27, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Tank

A man has been homeless for over 7 years. Currently, he is living in his van fighting prostate cancer and lives with his companion, Tank, a 12-year-old neutered male Pit Bull mix. He gets SNAP benefits, but he seeks out additional food and hygiene services at churches and the local Salvation Army. Feeding Pets of the Homeless® first met the duo in May 2019. Tank had been limping for six months, but the limp had become more pronounced and he appeared to be in pain. He was examined at one of our veterinary partner hospitals and it was determined that the best course of care was pain management.

Again in December 2019 we received a call because Tank hadn’t eaten in three days, he was vomiting and having trouble urinating. He was also wobbly when he was walking. Another veterinary partner was able to get him in to be seen immediately. During the exam they took blood tests and chemical panels, urinalysis, ultrasound and x-rays. Tank was given medication. Feeding Pets of the Homeless® provided Tank $799.46 in services.