September 29, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: King

A woman has been living in her vehicle for the past three years along with her 11-month old Pit Bull puppy, King. She is unemployed and utilizes food stamps. In June, King was hit by a vehicle and was seriously injured. King’s owner walked into an animal emergency hospital looking for assistance for the puppy. The staff contacted Feeding Pets of the Homeless® to ask if we could provide assistance. Intake was completed over the phone and her homeless verification was obtained.

The puppy was having difficulty breathing and was experiencing severe pain in the pelvis area. Feeding Pets of the Homeless approved emergency care for King.  King was provided pain management, oxygen therapy, an ultrasound, and x-rays. The injuries found were bruising on the lungs and a pelvic fracture.

Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed a total of $630 for care and received $70 in discounts.