November 24, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Sage


A woman has been living in her vehicle with her 14-year-old Westie, Sage, for the past two months. She shared with us that she became homeless due to losing her job during COVID 19. She has no income at this time and receives food stamps.

Sage was experiencing fainting spells and we were able to verify her homelessness with a social worker. Our case Manager contacted one of our 1,000+ network hospitals and arranged for them to do an emergency walk-in. After x-rays, bloodwork, and medications were provided to stabilize Sage, it was determined, that Sage was suffering from heart failure and was fainting due to lack of oxygen pumping from the heart.  With medication, Sage has stabilized and is doing well.  Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $671 towards treatment and received $233 in discounts.

Sage’s owner sent us an email: “Just another great big thank you for your helping Sage and I in Sage’s time of need. I believe she is still alive because of your organization’s intervention and your caring staff. Thank you.”