December 11, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Rommy

A woman who is physically disabled because of a spinal cord injury has been living in her car for about a month in CA.  She receives food stamps and SSDI.  She called Feeding Pets of the Homeless® when her service dog, Rommy had a very swollen snout.  Rommy is a five-year-old neutered male Doberman Labrador mix and is a registered service animal that helps with her stability.  We verified her homelessness with a family resource center and approved an exam at a partner veterinary wellness center.

After the exam, the veterinarian told our Case Manager that Rommy had an abscessed tooth that needed to be extracted.  We approved this and assisted with dental surgery which included:  an iv catheter & fluids, anesthesia, x-rays, hospitalization, injections, medications, and dental surgery.  We assisted with $876 and received $97 in discounts.

Rommy’s mommy sent us this lovely thank you card. (below)