December 30, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Locci & Tigger

Success story tigger
A woman lives in a tent in a crevice of a big box store in Pomona, CA. She called Feeding Pets of the Homeless when she heard about us through a friend. She receives food stamps and has been homeless for the past year.  She called when her two kitties, Locci and Tigger, were having issues.
When she originally called, Locci, a 3-month-old domestic medium-haired cat, had possibly rolled up in a parked car and injured his leg.   The swelling went down without needing our help. She called a few weeks later when Locci was sneezing. Tigger, her other kitten was also sneezing. We interviewed the woman and made sure the pets were hers and they were going to get spayed and vaccinated by her. We verified she was homeless with the store security guard.
The guard also took both the kittens to a veterinarian and helped her out with the original vet bills. We approved examinations for Locci and Tigger at a partner veterinarian hospital.
After the exams, the vet let our Case Manager know that Locci had fleas, tapeworm, and ringworm. We approved flea treatment, eye drops, a de-wormer, and vaccinations. Tigger had the same problems and we approved treatment.
We assisted with $340.76 and received $88.69 in discounts from our veterinary partner.