December 30, 2020Success Stories

Success Story: Maverik

Success Story Maverik a black lab
A woman has been homeless for the past five years in Post Falls, ID, living in her car, with her dog, Maverick, a 6-year-old neutered male Pit Bull Boxer mix. She is disabled and receives social security income benefits. She learned about Feeding Pets of the Homeless at one of our sponsored wellness clinics in Spokane, WA when she took Maverick there for a mass on his left hindquarters and it had burst and was oozing and he was not gaining weight. Her homelessness was verified by the veterinarian at the clinic.
We approved an examination at a local partner veterinarian hospital.
After the examination the veterinarian recommended and we approved antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications, and a check-up in two weeks. We assisted with $154 which included the examination, medications, and an e-collar.
When Maverick went back for the check-up the mass was still oozing. We assisted with an additional $118 for more medications.