January 21, 2021Success Stories

Success Story: Kitty Kat

Success story kitty kat

A homeless man who lives in his car near the coast in Northern California called about his 5-year-old male Maine Coone, “Kitty Kat.”  He was concerned because Kitty Kat had dry blood on his lip, an odor coming from his mouth, and his eye was swelling.

Pets of the Homeless approved an examination.  Kitty Kat had an abscess in his mouth and needed some teeth extracted.  Pets of the Homeless assisted with the maximum benefit allowable to have a few teeth extracted which included: extractions, anesthesia, monitoring and care, full dental cleaning, fluids, hospitalization, x-rays and medications.

This homeless man called a few times sobbing because he was so grateful for our help.  He mentioned Kitty Kat was feeling much better.  We received a thank you note for assisting with the payment of Kitty Kat’s surgery.