January 21, 2021Success Stories

Success Story: Mewni

success story mewni

Pets of the Homeless received a call from a man who lives in his van in Oakland CA with his cat, Mewni.  Mewni was sleeping excessively and eating more than usual for the past 2 weeks.  Pets of the Homeless approved an examination.

The veterinarian recommended and we assisted with bloodwork and a feline leukemia test.    We also assisted with medications and take home fluids.    Mewni had elevated calcium levels and may have gotten into something toxic.

A few days later a recheck was performed and additional medications were given.

Mewni’s owners wrote Pets of the Homeless a letter:  This message is from the owners of Mewni, our little cat who you have helped so much.  It would be impossible for me to overstate how thankful we are.  I will be totally frank with you, we live in our van, and we haven’t been licensed, insured, and registered in over a year, and we just finally saved up enough money to get everything square…and this thing happened, and I would have ABSOLUTELY no second thoughts canceled my insurance plan that I was so proud of and happy about just to get her an initial exam.  So, just on that one level, you have really helped us.  But, that is only financially.  Mewni is my little familiar.  She and I haven’t spent more than maybe 2 or 3 hours apart in her entire life, all the way back to when we still had a house, and she was a brand new infant, abandoned by her mother, and we had to feed her with a baby bottle.  Mewni and I are VERY BONDED.  It distresses me to no end to have her not feel well.  In fact, even with all the bills covered, and no terrible diagnosis (yet), I am still crushed with the weight of the possibilities.  You see, back when we had a house, and money, we had a dog that we cherished, and he got cancer, and we gave him steroids, and spent, like two thousand dollars trying to save him, and we still only got two months with him.

We owe you SO MUCH, even if you can’t afford to help us any further (as I am still worried that there will be further tests needed and such), I don’t want you to think I’m writing you to pressure you into committing more of your (I’m sure) precious resources towards us.  Just, in the first place, calling you up, the first call I placed after deciding it wasn’t the flu or something, and having you call me back RIGHT AWAY was INCREDIBLE.  Our kitties are our kids.  I spend ALL of my days with the kitties, we have to always be somewhere they can get out and play, SAFELY, we can’t drive more than an hour without upsetting them, they occupy a big part of our lifestyle.  So the help you have given us already has been 100% INVALUABLE.  If at some point in my life someone is going to donate to a charity in my name, I’d pick you guys immediately.  Thank you so much!