January 23, 2021Success Stories

Success Story: Elvis

Feeding Pets of the Homeless received a call from a participating veterinarian in Apple Valley, CA who called for a homeless man who is not very communicative.  He lives in a shelter with his dog, Elvis, a two year old German Shepherd.  Elvis had severe head injury wounds from either wildlife or a dog attack.  This happened about 4 days before we received the call and infection had set in badly.

Elvis needed to have the wounds flushed out and to be hospitalized for at least 4 days for treatment of the severe infections.  He also needed surgery for the laceration repair.  While Elvis was in surgery he was neutered at no charge.

This homeless man walked over 10 miles with Elvis in a wagon to get him to the vet.  When he arrived, the wagon only had 3 wheels.

Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed the maximum benefit allowable which included services of hospitalization/intensive care, iv fluids, anesthesia, wound treatment, antibiotic injections, and vaccinations.  This bill would have been well over $2,000 and our veterinary partner contributed the remaining services.

We received an email from the veterinarian with photos of Elvis along with a note, “Elvis spent a week with us and is feeling and looking much better.  He is a sweet boy and we were happy to return him to his owner today.”