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If you are homeless, we sincerely hope that we can assist by providing a location where you can obtain pet food, emergency veterinary care and wellness care. We understand the comfort and love that your pet provides.  Please call us at 775-841-7463.

Pet Food

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Pet food providers are food banks, pantries, soup kitchens and shelters. These places are where you should go to get pet food and supplies for your pet. It is always a good idea to call first to see if they have a supply on hand.

We ask that you please avoid going to the actual pet food donation sites. They are not prepared to distribute the pet food. It is at food banks, pantries, soup kitchens and shelters that you will be able to get pet food and additional services with the possibility of helping you and your pet out of homelessness.

Homeless Shelters

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Free Clinics

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Emergency Veterinary Care

Everyone hopes that their pets live a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, pets do get sick and injured, sometimes very seriously. Medical treatment can be very expensive and sometimes just too much for homeless owners. If your pet experiences illness or injury, please call our headquarters in Carson City, NV (775) 841-7463. A Case Manager will conduct an interview to see if you and your pet qualifies for our help. If you are eligible, the manager will approve an exam and have you call and make an appointment for your pet to be seen at a local hospital/clinic. There is no charge to you but we would appreciate any payment made to the hospital at the time of the visit towards the invoice.

Other Resources

When Feeding Pets of the Homeless® cannot help, we will direct you to one of the many other organizations that may be able to help with your individual veterinary expenses. Like us they have specific missions and criteria to meet in order to qualify. Many are specific to a breed. Check with the local animal shelter or local chapter of the humane society. These organizations typically know of other organizations that may help only on a local level. Many SPCA’s offer low cost or free spay/neutering and vaccines.

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