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Ways to Donate:

Your cash gift may be made in memory or in honor of a beloved pet or a special person in your life.

Monetary Gifts in the form of checks or cashier checks allow us to receive your full donation. No fees to third parties ensure that 100% of your donation is received and used to help pets of the homeless.

EFT (electronic funds transfer) processing is a direct transfer of money from your bank account to Pets of the Homeless. It is easy to set up. Recurring donations allow us to plan for the future and to continue our mission.

Credit Card Donations can be made at Pets of the Homeless, Network for GoodGlobalGiving,  First Giving,  and PayPal

Please note that your contribution through these channels deduct fees ranging from 1.25% up to 15% to pay banks, pay credit card companies, distribute funds, and distribute receipts and other associated costs.

Charitable Gifting and Trusts

By including a gift to Feeding Pets of the Homeless in your will or living trust or as a beneficiary on an insurance policy, you are ensuring that we can continue to celebrate pets that belong to the homeless for years to come and you will be remembered. Your gift also entitles your estate to an unlimited federal estate tax charitable deductible. To read more

Donor-Advised Funds

Donate to Feeding Pets of the Homeless directly from your DAF.  Give DAFDirect

Consider naming Feeding Pet of the Homeless as a beneficiary of your DAF for the sustainability it can provide.

Restricted Gifts

Restricted gifts for one of our specific programs or for a geological area are accepted. Contact our office and we will be sure to honor your request.

Company Matching Programs

Company cash matching programs – many companies offer their employees this option when giving to a nonprofit. Recent company matching donations include: Walt Disney and Macy’s. Ask your HR or payroll department for information today!

Gift Certificates from CharityChoice

Give just like a commercial gift card. Turn your gift-giving into philanthropy. 100% tax deductible gifts, plastic and eCards.
Click here and select Feeding Pets of the Homeless from the list.
Perfect for birthday, business, holiday, sympathy, wedding – a unique gift idea!

Whatever or however you donate, you are very much at the heart of Pets of the Homeless and your compassion and support is awe-inspiring. A huge “thank you” on behalf of the pets you will be helping by allowing us to continue our work.

Pets of the Homeless is listed on GuideStarGreat Nonprofits,

We NEVER sell or trade our list of donors, your name and information is safe.

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