Success Story: Chico

Success Story: Chico

Jill* has been homeless for two years, spends most of her time on the street or in her car and receives food stamps. She called Feeding Pets of the Homeless when her dog, Chico, a 2-year-old intact male Chihuahua was attacked by another dog. She thought he might have a broken back and an infection in his neck. She was able to get antibiotics, but she knew that Chico needed further treatment. We verified her homelessness and approved an examination at a Partner Veterinary Hospital.
After the exam, the vet recommended x-rays. We approved this test. Chico had multiple wounds and cervical vertebral fractures. We approved pain management, wound care, bandages, hospitalization and neutering. We assisted with $1,030 and received $257 in discounts.
A few days later, we approved bandage changes and a recheck. We assisted with syringe feeding, pain management, and medications in the amount of $86 and received $22 in discounts.
We received an email from Jill, “Hi my name is Jill, a few months ago I had to bring my little dog in by the name of Chico. He was in bad condition when I got him there to your office. I heard about you from a friend and you people there are all amazing. You treated Chico and took care of him and gave me back my best friend that I thought I had lost. You provided all the medicines that he needed and took really good care of him. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for treating my dog so well. All of you are the best.”

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