Success Story: Dallas

Success Story: Dallas

A woman is homeless, living in a tent by the highway in San Jose, CA.  She is disabled and has been homeless for almost 7 years.  She called to apply for assistance, an intake was completed and she was approved almost immediately. Homeless verification was provided within minutes of getting off the phone.

She called us because her three-month-old puppy, Dallas, was experiencing symptoms of not eating, lethargy, vomiting, losing weight, shivering and pale gums for almost two days.

A case manager then called a Partner Veterinary Hospital to get an exam approval and information before sending them in for a checkup.

The woman had to look for a ride to the Partner Veterinarian. After calling us with a treatment plan and getting approval from the case manager, Dallas had to get a parvo test performed.

Unfortunately, the test came back positive, but Dallas was treated for parvo right then and there and only needed one night of hospitalization.

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