Success Story: GT

Success Story: GT

“My name is Sarah* and I have been living in my vehicle on and off for the past year in Las Vegas, NV. I have consistently been living in my vehicle for the past six months with my gentle giant GT. I receive food stamps and a bit of extra income from friends and family.

GT has been through the worst and the best times with me and always stuck around. My nine-year-old pit bull, who has been fixed, is the sweetest giant in the world. Sadly, one day I noticed that he had a marble-sized growth on his privates which had been growing since the day I first noticed it. Due to my living situation, I am not able to provide the care that he may need and I am afraid of losing my best companion.”

Sarah contacted Feeding Pets of the Homeless stating that her pit bull had a growth bigger than a marble around his penis. She also stated that the growth had been growing rapidly since she noticed it.

During her call, an intake was completed and a homeless verification was asked for. Homeless verification was provided and Sarah’s case manager started looking for a veterinary hospital to pre-approve a physical exam for GT. After the first visit, GT was cleared for surgery to remove the growth, and while under he also had a dental extraction.

Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $1,659 towards GT’s care and is doing much better. As you see in the photo, GT is doing well and his momma says they are both happy and very grateful!

*Name changed to protect privacy


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