Success Story – Hunter

Success Story – Hunter

A woman recently reached out to Feeding Pets of the Homeless again for her dog, Hunter.

She stated that she is still homeless, and her dog was exposed to kennel cough and giardia after being picked up by animal control.

Her intake information was updated, and new homeless verification was provided.

An exam was approved at a local veterninary hospital.

Hunter was presented in very poor condition. He was suffering from a severe skin infection along with a lesion and infection on the scrotal areas. Hunter did not have kennel cough but was treated for giardia.

Blood work, x-rays and an ointment were provided for the skin infection and antibiotics for other infections along with steroids.  His vaccinations were current from the last visit.

Feeding pets of the Homeless contributed $613.00 towards Hunters care.

Feeding Pets of the Homeless received $152.54 in partner discount.





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