Success Story – Kelly

Success Story – Kelly

A man called Feeding Pets of the Homeless® when his 11-year old unaltered female Spaniel, Kelly, was not eating and having trouble getting up. He searched and found us through Google. He is a Veteran participating in the HUD-VASH program, and stays in a motel that is paid for by Volunteers of America.  He is on a list to get into housing assistance with HUD-VASH.  He is disabled, receives SSI benefits and has been homeless for the past 6 years and has a car.  We verified his homelessness with his HUD-VASH social worker.  We approved an exam at a local veterinary hospital.

After Kelly’s exam, the veterinarian technician called our Case Manager and reported that Kelly had a 106-degree fever.  The vet recommended getting her fever under control with hospitalization, iv fluids, medications and getting bloodwork as well as x-rays done.  Kelly had mammary masses all over and they feared it could be pyometra.  They recommended removal of the mammary masses.

Surgery was performed the next day and the charges came to $2,760.  This included: an emergency examination, in-house CBC/Chem panel, 4-view x-rays, iv catheter and fluids, and hospitalization.  Surgery included: pre-anesthesia medications, anesthesia and monitoring, mammary gland tumor surgical removal, spay, injections, biopsy, hazardous waste, an e-collar and four medications. Feeding Pets of the Homeless provided $2,000 in financial assistance.  A client in the lobby contributed $200 and another organization pledged $100.  The hospital planned on writing off the difference of $460. Kelly went home with her companion, is doing well and expected to make a full recovery.



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