Success Story: Roxi

Success Story: Roxi


A man has been homeless for about a year now and has been living in his vehicle with his one-year-old chihuahua named Roxi. He does not receive much help from organizations.

He heard of Feeding Pets of the Homeless through a friend we had previously helped. This pair live in a small town in Northern California, they were taking a walk down a familiar path in the woods.

Roxi’s owner had realized that this area had very dry grass and many foxtails laying around, which he didn’t get too bothered with since he knew Roxi was smart enough to not go near foxtails.

Upon the intake, it was discovered that Roxi indeed did sniff something from the ground the day they went for a walk. Roxi had been showing symptoms such as sneezing dramatically and breathing as if she had asthma. He thinks that there is something in her right nostril that is making her sneeze uncontrollably and have difficulty breathing correctly.

Roxi’s case manager was able to get an exam approved and pre-authorized with a Partner Veterinarian in a neighboring city.

Once the exam was performed, the doctor discovered that Roxi indeed had a foxtail in her nose which caused her to sneeze so much.

Pre-anesthesia and foxtail removal were pre-approved by their case manager. Roxi’s foxtail was removed and was sent home with medications for aftercare. Roxi is doing so much better and is no longer sneezing or having trouble breathing.

Roxi’s owner was so thankful for Feeding Pets of the Homeless and those who donate to help them with their pets’ care. Feeding Pets of the Homeless provided assistance in the amount of $304 towards Roxi’s care.


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