Why Businesses Should Help the Homeless and Pets This Winter

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Why Businesses Should Help the Homeless and Pets This Winter

By Devin Morrissey

Car dealership hosts a pet food drive each October. Over a ton of pet food taken to food bank.

Even though the most charitable time of year is well behind us, there are still plenty of winter days ahead, and we can’t forget the people and pets out in the cold.

By now, businesses are likely looking to the year ahead and incorporating philanthropy into their business plans. It’s the perfect time to be thinking about giving back to those in need of assistance and providing support.

Ideally, it would be nice to always be thinking about people who are less fortunate. In our own hectic lives, it’s easy to dismiss the fact that many people living on the streets today are there because they lack financial resources and support of family or friends needed to help them survive in this world.

We should always be reminded to be a little more charitable and compassionate, no matter what time of year. As individuals, we can make a difference in the lives of homeless people and their pets. A company has even more power to do good. Let’s take a look at charitable giving from a business perspective.

Giving Back Is Good for Business

Businesses have the ability to reach out to their local communities to help those in need and should be encouraged to do so. Not every business can be or wants to be considered a “social change company,” but a business needs to take into account the benefits of giving back, including:

– Corporate donations are directly helping nonprofits that matter to the company, its employees and their local community.
– Millennials are “twice as likely to rate their corporate culture as very positive” when their company participates in volunteer activities, according to a 2016 Deloitte study.
– Companies gain valuable marketing experience and exposure by associating their name with a charitable sponsorship. Companies just need to be sure that the donation or sponsorship makes sense and aligns with the company’s goals.
– One of the main reasons a company donates is to receive a tax deduction. It’s immediate gratification to be able to reap a financial reward.
– Giving back makes your community a better place to live.
– It simply makes employees feel good about themselves and proud of the company they work for.

With these advantages in mind, businesses should be sought out by nonprofit organizations seeking sponsorships and encouraged to put in place initiatives to help serve their communities. Contributors want to make a difference with their charitable giving. Sometimes they just need to be courted in order to get involved.

How Can a Business Help the Homeless & Pets

The beginning of a new year is typically the time when companies establish business goals to point them in the right direction rather than reacting to events that come up throughout the year. Part of that planning often includes how much money and time the company plans to donate throughout the year.

Become a Donation Site for Feeding Pets of the Homeless

One step a business could take to help the community, homeless people, and hundreds of hungry pets is to become a Pets of the Homeless member donation site. A donation site is a convenient location for the public and a business’ customers to drop off pet food and supplies.

The business locations collect the pet food and deliver it to organizations like food banks and soup kitchens serving homeless and disadvantaged people. The food banks and soup kitchens then distribute the food to their clients who own pets. By signing up as a donation site, a business ultimately demonstrates that they believe social responsibility is everyone’s responsibility. It’s also a year-long responsibility — not just something that happens over the holidays.

Feeding Pets of the Homeless has plenty of ways that businesses and individuals can help. Read more here.

Volunteer Responsibly & Respectfully

Call your local shelters or visit their websites to see what opportunities are available. Go to Volunteers for America to see more ways to become involved. According to their website, more than 550,000 Americans were homeless in 2017; 40 million struggle with hunger; and 40.6 million live in poverty. Somewhere between 5-10 percent of homeless people have dogs or cats.

What can your company do today to help those people and pets? For those who can give their time, money, or skills to a cause they believe in, know that you are making a difference in the lives of homeless people and their pets.

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