Looking for help? Want to help?

Feeding Pets of the Homeless® is the first and one of the few national nonprofits providing pet food and emergency veterinary care to pets that belong to homeless people.

Looking for help? Want to help?

Feeding Pets of the Homeless® is the first and one of the few national nonprofits providing pet food and emergency veterinary care to pets that belong to homeless people.

Help Someone Care for Their Best Bud

Unconditional Love – Loyalty – Companionship – Protection
The economy is healing but the homeless situation is not. Once a person lands in homelessness it is a daily struggle to get out. With a pet it becomes more difficult. Can you help?

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Our pet food donation site volunteers support our objective of collecting pet food and pet supplies. They are working with pet food providers who have agreed to distribute pet food in those communities.

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Your donation can make the lives of these pets a little easier, healthier and have a full belly. Each day is a struggle for the homeless, and their pets have little recourse. We are their voice, and you can be their hero.

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  • Colleen M- This is such a wonderful organization. Homeless will feed their pets before their selves. I know helping their pets lifts a huge burden off the homeless shoulders.

    Debra 2
  • All I can say is God bless each and every one who is part of this organization. It's people like them and the love and compassion that these homeless have for their fur babies that keeps restoring my faith in humanity.

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  • God bless you for opening up you hearts to help all of the animals and their humans. It a wonderful to know that's there's Angels here on earth!!!!

    hp donation gift 1
  • You all are awesome for everything you do for these people and their pets!! May GOD BLESS each and everyone of y'all!!!

  • Such a wonderful, compassionate organization. Love to see the love and concern these homeless people have for their pets. Makes my heart feel good.

    Egypt 1
  • A homeless person's pet is their lifeline too! Such a great program. Compassion knows no boundaries. If only everyone would realize this.

    4 1
  • Every day we receive calls from homeless who have a pet that is either ill or injured. One man said, “Pets of the Homeless helped my dog when I couldn’t. Bless you.”

    hp testimonial 1 1
  • Just keep doing what you do and don't worry about what other people think. Those pets are a lifeline. Your compassion is boundless. If more people had the same compassion, there would be far fewer problems in this world.

  • "Great cause! A pet can mean the only source of love for a homeless person and with everything they have to worry about, their pet's health should not be one of them. I'm happy to contribute to this worthy cause!"

  • A beautiful sight to watch and see these dogs all happy all through being loved unconditionally despite there condition, living with there owner on the streets. I am in tears watching and seeing you doing the impossible with so much passion. May your organization grow bigger, more doors of assistance will open continuously and spread throughout the world where it can reach and help.

  • When I was younger I was homeless with my two dogs and cats. We we're living in tents and outside in all the elements. The whole time I made sure that my babies were fed, watered, and taken care of before myself. Offering help is the most heart warming thing I can see after being in that place at one time.

  • Please continue the great work.. And don’t even care about the idiots who do not approve of what you guys are doing. As a matter of fact, they never have and never will understand this beautiful bond.

  • Pets also provide a reason for some homeless folks to go on living! Please keep in mind many people/families living from paycheck to paycheck could find themselves homeless at any moment for a variety of reasons!

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