Feeding Pets of the Homeless® is the first and one of the few national nonprofits providing pet food and emergency veterinary care to pets that belong to homeless people.


We believe every pet deserves not to be hungry or suffer from an illness or injury.  If you are homeless, or a Veteran, and need help  caring for your pet, we can help.



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Our pet food donation site volunteers support our objective of collecting pet food and pet supplies. They are working with pet food providers who have agreed to distribute pet food in those communities.

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Your donation can make the lives of these pets a little easier, healthier and have a full belly. Each day is a struggle for the homeless, and their pets have little recourse. We are their voice, and you can be their hero.

Evidence shows that animal companionship is fortifying and contributes to the emotional well-being of people experiencing homelessness, including encouraging owners to obtain sobriety, leave abusive relationships, and avoid incarceration.

National Alliance to End Homelessness


Feeding Pets of the Homeless® is a national non-profit that works with businesses and volunteers across the country to collect pet food and supplies for our homeless population that owns pets. Our volunteers help enlist pet food donation sites in their local communities and are advocates for keeping pets and humans together.

We need your compassion and help to continue our work as the homeless situation grows in our country. Becoming a volunteer is easy!

"My name is Natalie and I have been living in my vehicle on and off for the past year in Las Vegas, NV. I have consistently been living in my vehicle for the past six months with my gentle giant GT. I receive food stamps and a bit of extra income from friends and family. GT has been through the worst and the best times with me and always stuck around. My nine-year-old pit bull, who has been fixed, is the sweetest giant in the world. Sadly, one day I noticed that he had a marble-sized skin tag on his privates which had been growing since the day I first noticed it. Due to my living situation, I am not able to provide the care that he may need and I am afraid of losing my best companion." Natalie contacted Feeding Pets of the Homeless stating that her pit bull had a skin tag bigger than a marble around his penis. She also stated that the skin tag had been growing rapidly since she noticed it. During her call, an intake was completed and a homeless verification was asked for. Homeless verification was provided and Natalie’s case manager started looking for a veterinary hospital to pre-approve a physical exam for GT. After the first visit, GT was cleared for surgery to remove the skin tag, and while under he got a quick dental clean.Feeding Pets of the Homeless contributed $1,600 towards GT’s care and is doing much better. As you see in the photo, GT is doing well and his momma says they are both happy and very grateful!Pets like GT get help because of donors like you! ... See MoreSee Less
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